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Procedure for requesting the Special Agreement for seasonal workers during periods of inactivity and for those included within the Social Security General Scheme's special systems for fruits and vegetables and canned vegetable products

Below are details of the general procedure

Who can apply for it?

Employees who carry out seasonal work, for the period between two consecutive seasons.
And seasonal workers who provide services to companies that carry out activities included in the Special Scheme for Fruits and Vegetables and Canned Vegetable Products, who terminate their affiliation with scheme.

When does it have to be submitted?

  • Within the month following termination of the seasonal work,
  • Upon using up the contributory unemployment benefits.
  • After 60 days of unemployment subsidy for intermittent-permanent employees who have the right to make contributions for the retirement contingency.

What formalities are involved?

They should submit Form TA-0040.

Where is it processed?

In Person:

In the Provincial Department of the Social Security Treasury General or Administration corresponding to the address of the applicant.


Through the e-Office, if you have a digital certificate.

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