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Access to e-Office services with Cl@ve

The Electronic Office provides access to online services through CL@ve, which is an electronic identity verification platform for the identification and authentication of citizens.  Its types of access include:

Permanent Cl@ve:

It is based access validation through a username and password. You must have an Activation Code in order to set this password. This code can be obtained after registering in the system, in person at any Cl@ve registration office, or electronically using a digital certificate included in the list of accepted certificates. This will also be the system that enables access to a signature in the cloud.
The “Cl@ve: password management” service can be used to create, re-set or change your password, and also to de-register if you wish to cancel the username and password.

Once the password has been set, the user can log in with their DNI or NIE number to access the "Username + password (Permanent Cl@ve)” online services in Citizens and in Companies and Professionals.

Cl@ve PIN

It is a system with a very limited password validity, designed for users who access services sporadically. It is based on the use of a pin chosen by the user and a PIN sent via SMS to the user's mobile phone. To be able to use Cl@ve PIN you must register with the system via the internet or at any Cl@VE Registration Office. For more information on the registration process and its use, please refer to the official Cl@ve website. You can view the List of services available with Cl@ve PIN access.

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