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Twitter rules of use

The Twitter account of the Social Security Treasury General is designed to give information to users of this social network.

This account aims to be an information and communication channel, and resolve queries, including those received by direct message. The texts offered through this account have no legal validity as they are merely informative. For legal purposes, please consult the texts published in the Official Gazettes and Journals. We also make every effort to avoid errors and, when appropriate, resolve or update them as soon as possible; however we cannot guarantee that there are no errors.

We appreciate any comments and contributions citizens want to make. The comments and messages received are personal opinions and do not represent the opinions of this Administration.

Here we propose basic rules of participation:

  • Always use correct, polite language.
  • Respect the privacy of others.

The content team reserves the right to report abusive actions by users to Twitter, as well as block any users who engage in behaviours such as:

  • Disrespectful, slanderous or abusive expressions.
  • Links to pages containing content that is harmful or dangerous for other users.
  • Spam or advertising from other brands, products or services.
  • Personal data of someone other than the author of the comment.
  • Repeated comments.

Regarding monitoring social network users, given its institutional nature and in order to facilitate its management, the policy of this account is to only follow the accounts of institutions and national and international bodies.

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