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Notification history: new function in the "Online notification consultation and signature" service

The ‘Notification History’ feature allows notifications to be consulted once ten calendar days have passed since they were made available on the Social Security e-Office (SEDESS)

The Social Security Treasury General (TGSS) is providing users with a new section, ‘Notification History’, within the Online notification consultation and signature service. The section shows the notifications that are no longer available on the SEDESS for signing, in cases when the period of ten calendar days for accessing their content has already passed. The history feature only allows users to search for notifications published on the SEDESS within the past two years. It is only possible to consult documents and their statuses, not their signatures, and therefore accessing the notifications through this section does not have any legal impact.

Who it is for

As it is integrated within the ‘Online notification consultation and signature’ service, the ‘Notification history’ feature may be used by two type of users:

  1. Main receiver: The person, whether an individual or a legal entity, to whom the notification is sent
  2. Secondary receiver: Their agent or representative. This person, in turn, may be a:
    • RED Authorised person
    • Legal representative

How does the "Notification History” feature work?

The ‘Notification History’ feature provides two search tools, which users may choose to facilitate their consultation:

  • Simple search: allows the documents to be filtered by type of recipient (CAC-Scheme, NIF, NAF and CIE) and their number.
  • Advanced search: allows the user to perform more detailed searches, filtering the notifications by the date they were made available on the e-Office, notification status, type of procedure, etc.

Location of service

The ‘Online notification consultation and signature’ service, which includes the ‘Notification history’ feature, is available on the Social Security e-Office via the following route: Start > Online notifications > Online notification consultation and signature.

You need a digital certificate to access it.

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