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Health at Sea

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1. What happens if the validity period of the medical certificate of seaworthiness expires during an international voyage?

In the case of crew members on board international seagoing ships, if the validity period of the certificate expires during a voyage, the certificate shall remain valid until the date of arrival at the next port of call where the seafarer concerned can obtain a medical certificate issued by a medical practitioner of the Social Marine Institute, provided that this extension of validity does not exceed three months.

2. How can a prior appointment for a medical examination for sea service be requested?

Appointments can be made by telephone at the Health at Sea Centres or online, through the Social Security e-Office.

3. How can I request the revision of the mandatory on-board medical kit(s)?

This review can be requested through the Electronic Register of the Social Security e-Office, attaching the corresponding documentation. They will be processed electronically.

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