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Compatibilities / Incompatibilities

Are orphanage pensions caused by the father and mother compatible?

Yes, but the increase with the corresponding percentage corresponding to widowhood many only be applicable to pensions originated by one of the parties. The maximum pension, for each one of them (father/mother) is 100% of the regulatory base.

Is receiving an orphan's pension compatible with working?

It is compatible with working for an orphan under 21 years of age or of legal age but have a reduced capacity for work evaluated at a level of permanent, total disablement or severe disability.
In the case of orphans over the age of 21 and under the age of 25 who are not disabled, the orphan's pension will be compatible with gainful employment or self-employment, provided that the income obtained does not exceed, on an annual basis, 100% of the MPW, also on an annual basis, including the two extra payments.
If the orphan has a disability of 33% or more, they can be a beneficiary until the age of 25, provided that they are not working or, if they are working, the annual income is less than the current MPW.

If during the calendar year there are alternating periods of work an inactivity, this right will remain as long as the established limit is not exceeded. 

I am receiving a pension in favour of family members and on reaching 65 I shall request a senior citizen pension from SOVI, can I collect both pensions?

The family members pension is incompatible with receiving any other public pension, so you will have to choose between them.


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