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Affiliation and registration


  • Workers' affiliation

    • How can I change my personal details on Social Security records?
      Category: Workers' affiliation > Subject:

      To change your personal details, you must go to the nearest General Treasury of the Social Security Office. To do this you must present your National Identity Document (DNI  ) and certification statement or you can call 901 50 20 50  and 91 541 02 91 and request the details update form with the corresponding Provincial Office of the Treasury General of the Social Security  printed on it, and a paid postage stamp so that, once it has been filled in and signed, it can be sent by post. This Provincial Office will carry out the requested change.

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    • How can I obtain an Employment History Report?
      Category: Workers' affiliation > Subject:

      Employment history reports may be obtained, including from abroad, as follows:

      1. It can be requested through the e-Office, in the following ways:

        1. Via SMS, if you have previously provided the Social Security General Treasury with your mobile telephone number. In this case, after requesting a code which you will receive via SMS, you can obtain, print and/or consult your employment history instantly on your own computer.

        2. You will not need a digital certificate for this option:

          • In this case your Social Security Number, DNI and address must coincide with those held on the Social Security database so that the report can be sent to your place of residence in Spain as registered in our database.
          • After you make your request, you will be sent a message to the email address you provided, informing you of the request status.
          • 24 hours after receiving this email, you will be able to find out the status of your application through the "Consult report application status" service.
        3. Username+ Password (permanentCl@ve), as long as you have an active user account and a current password. To activate your user account and generate a password you will need to obtain an Activation Code in person at any Cl@ve Registry Office and you will be able to obtain, print and/or consult your employment history report at the same time as making your request, using your own computer.

        4. If you have a digital certificate,  you will be able to obtain it directly, also using your computer.

      2. By calling 901 50 20 50  and 91 541 02 91, as long as you have an address in Spain registered in our database.
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    • How can I rectify errors in my Employment History Report?
      Category: Workers' affiliation > Subject:

      If you notice any anomaly or error in the information provided in the employment history report and you have a digital certificate, or Username/Password (permanent Cl@ve), you will be able to ask for any error in the report to be corrected using the Request correction to the employment history service on the e-Office.

      If you prefer, you can report the error by contacting the nearest Social Security Office, with the documentation accrediting your right to do so, and the office will make the necessary changes.

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    • Is it possible to combine self-employment and regular employment?
      Category: Workers' affiliation > Subject:

      If you carry out activities as a self-employed person and simultaneously work for another person and these activities correspond to different Social Security Schemes, you must be registered in and pay contributions under both Schemes.

      It firstly needs to be determined whether the worker's situation should fall within the Special Self-Employed Workers' Scheme. Article 2 of Decree 2530/1970, of 20th August, regulating the Special Regime for Self-employed Workers (Spanish acronym:RETA), defines a Self-employed individual as a person who habitually, personally and directly carries out economic activity for profit without such activity being conditioned by an employment contract. This also applies to the case of using the remunerated services of other persons. In any case, your corresponding Office of the Treasury General of the Social Security will be able to inform as to whether or not you should be included in the RETA. 
      With regard to the contribution, current Social Security regulations do not provide for any contribution discount, if the worker by virtue of their work activity needs to be simultaneously included in the General and Self-Employed Workers' Schemes.

      Double contribution or multiple activity will provide the entitlement to the earning of benefits in each of the Schemes in which you are registered, if the relevant contributions are shown to be superimposed and so long as the requirements of each Scheme for such entitlement are met.


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    • Who is included in the Special Scheme for Sea Workers?
      Category: Workers' affiliation > Subject:
      • Workers employed by another person, receiving a salary or share-out pay, employed in any of the following activities:

        • Merchant Navy
        • Sea fishing in any form.
        • Extraction of other sea products.
        • In-port trade and sports and recreational vessels.
        • Administrative, technical and auxiliary personnel in the aforementioned companies.
        • Port stevedores.
        • Auxiliary health, boarding and kitchen service provided to Spanish emigrants aboard vessels that transport them.
        • Personnel at the service of Fishermen's Guilds and their Federations, as well as Maritime Co-operatives.
        • Any other sea fishing activity whose inclusion in this Scheme is determined by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.
      • Shipowners of vessels over 10 tonnes or that have more than 5 crew members, if they are listed on the payroll and receive a share in the fishing profits (Monte Menor) as compensation for their work or a salary as a crew member, they are assimilated as employed workers, except for the purposes of unemployment.

      • Self-employed workers who carry out any of the activities listed below habitually, personally and directly, as long as such activities constitutes their basic means of living:

        • Owners of ships not exceeding 10 tons gross registered weight, that do not have more than 5 people enrolled including the owner, and in which the owner is enrolled as a technician or crew member.
        • Those dedicated to extracting sea products.
        • Net fishermen who do not work for any specific fishing company.

      • The spouse and family members, up to the second degree of kinship, affinity or adoption, of the self-employed worker may also be included, if they work, live with and depend economically on the worker, except when there is proof that they are workers employed by another person.
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    • How can I find out my Social Security affiliation number and get a copy of the Affiliation Document?
      Category: Workers' affiliation > Subject:

      You can consult it on the e-Office, using the Duplicate Affiliation Document Service

      • Via SMS, if you have previously provided the Social Security General Treasury with your mobile telephone number. In this case, after requesting a code that you will receive by SMS, you can obtain, print and/or consult the duplicate showing your Social Security affiliation number immediately, and download it.
      • Username + Password (permanent Cl@ve)
      • With digital certificate

      Finally, you can also find your Social Security affiliation number by going to any Social Security Office where they will give you the number and a duplicate affiliation document.

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    • How can I join a collective labour agreement?
      Category: Workers' affiliation > Subject:

      Collective labour agreements do not form part of the Social Security's jurisdiction. They are the responsibility of the relevant labour authority according to the territory where the agreement applies, in other words the State Employment Office if it is a nationwide agreement or the competent body in the Autonomous Community if the agreement is of application in a particular Autonomous Community.

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    • How do I do the paperwork related to the Social Security healthcare card?
      Category: Workers' affiliation > Subject:

      For any issue related to the Social Security healthcare card, you must go to the health care clinic or primary health care centre assigned to you by the relevant body responsible for providing health care in your Autonomous Community. This information, however, is not the responsibility of our website.

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