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Method and deadlines for registration notification

Employers that hire workers for the first time should request their own REGISTRATION as a company before commencing work activities, at the Social Security Treasury General Administration Office closest to their place of residence. If you have a digital certificate you can submit your request by accessing the “Employer registration” procedure via the the e-Office or directly process your request through the corresponding services available for “Companies” Documentation to be presented:

  1. For individual employers:
    1. Official application form.
    2. Identity document of the company owner, individual employer or head of the household. 
    3. Document issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance allocating the Tax Identification Number in which the Economic Activity of the Company is recorded (this document is not required for the Special System for Domestic Workers).
  2. Collective and Spanish Company Employers:
    • Documents 1, 2 and 3 from the previous paragraph.
    • Articles of Incorporation, duly registered, or corresponding Registration certificate (Minutes Register in the case of Freeholder Associations).
    • Photocopy of the DNI of the person signing the registration application.
      Document stating the powers of the person signing the document, if they are not specified in the Articles of Incorporation.
  3. Collective and Foreign Company Employers:
    • If they establish a work centre in Spain:
      • The documents that listed in the previous paragraph for companies and branches that move their residence to Spain.
    • If they do not establish a work centre in Spain:
      • Documents 1, 2 and 3 indicated for general use, and photocopy of the articles of incorporation of the foreign company, registered in the corresponding registry or its equivalent for companies in the European Union.
      • Documents 1, 2 and 3 indicated for general use, and a certificate issued that by Spanish consul stating authorisation and articles of incorporation of the company in the country of origin (in the case of non-EU countries).
      • Assignation (or power of attorney) of a legal representative residing in Spain.
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