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Training activities

The Social Marine Institutecarries out the following training activities:

  • The educational activities of Specific Occupational Training, intermediate and advanced-level training programmes on bridges and engines in the occupational category of Sea Fishing, and intermediate-level training programmes in the specialist fields of: Installation and electro-mechanical maintenance of engines and |, and the installation and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning installations. Wage Guarantee. 


  • Educational activities are transferred to the following Autonomous Communities:

ANDALUSIA: Royal Decree 967/2005, of 29 July, Official State Gazette (B.O.E.) number (|No.) 185, of 4 August).

ASTURIAS: Royal Decree 1360/2005, of 18 November, (B.O.E. |No. 295 of 10 December).

BALEARIC ISLANDS: Royal Decree 1732/2007, of 21 December, (B.O.E. |No. 310 of 27 December).

CANTABRIA: Royal Decree 1586/2006, of 22 December, (B.O.E. |No. 311 of 29 December).

CATALONIA: Royal Decree 2227/1998, of 16 October, (B.O.E. |No. 266, of 6 November).

GALICIA: Royal Decree 523/2006, of 5 May, (B.O.E. |No. 123, of 24 May).

VALENCIA: Royal Decree 846/1999, of 21 May, (B.O.E. |No. 137, of 9 June).

REGION OF MURCIA: Royal Decree 1084/2008, of 30 June, (B.O.E. |No. 158, of 1 July).

BASQUE COUNTRY: Royal Decree 1442/2010, of 5 November, (B.O.E.|No. 277, of 16 November).



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