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Beneficiaries / Requirements

Protected People

  • All Spanish students under the age of 28 in the following study courses in Spain are included under School Insurance:
    • Upper Secondary Education,  3rd and 4th year of Compulsory Lower Secondary Education.
    • Second degree, midlevel, upper-level and special vocational training.
    • University Orientation Course and Multipurpose Unified Upper Secondary Education (repeat students).
    • Welfare guarantee programmes.
    • Those at integrated centres.
    • Midlevel, upper-level and doctorate university studies.
    • Upper-level music conservatory studies.
    • Upper-level dance conservatory studies.
    • Dramatic arts.
    • Theology at upper-level centres of the Catholic church.
    • Second year of secondary education for adults.
    • University students performing internships at companies.
    • Training programmes for transition to adulthood.
  • Likewise, students who are citizens of European Union member states and the European Economic Area and, in general, all foreign students residing in Spain under the same conditions as Spanish students are covered by this insurance until the age of 28, as long as they are studying in Spain. 

General requirements

  • Under the age of 28, although the School Insurance will cover the entire year in which the student reaches that age.

  • Spanish citizen or foreigner residing legally in Spain. Students in an irregular situation in Spain will not be covered by School Insurance. 

  • Registered in Spain in any of the study courses listed in the previous section.

  • Payment of the corresponding School Insurance premium in the present year.

  • Certify that at least one year has passed  since the student registered for the first time in any learning centre covered by the insurance. This additional exclusion period year may relate to the year immediately preceding the year in which the benefit takes place or even earlier. Additionally, the present requirement will not be required for  benefits derived from school injury, family hardship due to death of the head of household and obstetrics.

Students who do not meet the above conditions for the application of the School Insurance are not obliged to pay the School Insurance fee. Therefore, the centres obliged to send the list of students included in the School Insurance to the Social Security General Treasury and to the corresponding Regional Ministry of Education must not include students exempt from School Insurance.

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