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Triggering event and economic effects

Triggering Event

General aspects.

  • The contributory retirement pension shall be deemed to have accrued on the date indicated for this purpose by the person concerned when submitting the application, provided that all the requirements are met.
  • The date of the triggering event must fall within three months before or after the date of submission of the application or coincide with the dateof submission of the application. Exceptions:
    1. Applications submitted outside Spanish territory by virtue of an international rule must be made within the time period provided for in the legislation of the country in which it is submitted.
    2. For access to the pension for those registering with a social security scheme due to self-employment or employment that will be maintained without interruption following recognition of the pension, the application must be submitted within the 3 months immediately prior to the date indicated by the person concerned.


Where the pension is payable from any of the following situations, the triggering event shall be determined in accordance with these rules:

    1. Registration with a Social Security System The pension shall be deemed to have accrued on the day of sick leave as a result of termination of employment. Except:
    2. RETA worker who applies for leave in a manner and within a period other than those established, or the leave is taken ex officio: on the last day of the calendar month in which the termination of employment took place.
    3. Workers posted abroad: the date of termination of employment.
    4. Enforced leave of absence from public service: the date of leaving the post or functions.
    5. Special agreements for deputies and senators of the Cortes Generales, members of parliaments and governments of the autonomous communities or Spanish civil servants or employees of international intergovernmental organisations: the day the special agreement expires.
    6. Termination of the unemployment benefit or allowance, including that for persons over 52 years of age, on reaching the ordinary retirement age applicable in each case: the day on which this age is reached.

In these particular cases, the application may be submitted no more than 3 months before the date of the triggering event or at any time thereafter, without prejudice to the economic effects that may apply.

Economic effects

General aspects.

  • The economic effects of the recognition of entitlement shall take effect from the day following the date of the event giving rise to the entitlement.


  • When the application is submitted more than 3 months after the date of the triggering event (in cases 1, 2, 3 and 4 listed as "Specialities" in the "Triggering Event" section), the effects shall be applied retroactively for a maximum of three months from the date of the application.
  • In the event of termination of the unemployment benefit or subsidy, including that for the over 52s, due to reaching the ordinary retirement age, if the application is submitted within 3 months of the final decision on termination, the economic effects will be applied retroactively to the date of the termination of the benefit or subsidy , otherwise it will be retroactive for a maximum of 3 months from the date of the application.

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