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Data that must be included in the applications

Without prejudice to the specific requirements of each scheme, in general, the registration application shall contain information on the work you carry out in order to provide the Social Security General Treasury with complete information, and in particular:

  • Name or business name of the employer giving rise to the registration.
  • Employer's Contribution Account Code.
  • Social Security Scheme.
  • Worker's full name.
  • Worker's Social Security Number.
  • DNI 
  • Worker's address.
  • Date of starting work.
  • Contribution group. 
  • WI  and OD  section (only for registrations earlier than 31-12-2006)
  • Type of contract and working day coefficient, if applicable.
  • Occupation (in the cases indicated in Additional Provision four of law 42/2006 of 28 December 2006)
  • Agreement/ Collective Agreements (mandatory from 26/07/2015 onwards)

In the case of applications for deregistration, they must contain information on:

  • Name or corporate name of the employer giving rise to the deregistration.
  • Employer's Contribution Account Code.
  • Social Security Scheme. 
  • Worker's full name. 
  • Worker's Social Security Number. 
  • DNI. 
  • Worker's address. 
  • Date of stopping work 
  • Reason for deregistration.

Applications to change details, in addition to the worker's and employer's identification data, shall contain the details to be changed, and most importantly, must report any changes affecting working conditions:

  • Type of contract and working day coefficient.
  • WI and OD section (for periods before 31-12-2006)
  • Change in contribution group.
  • Date of change.
  • Occupation.

In the case of self-employed workers, in addition to the details specified above, it shall include information on:

  • Professional activity.
  • Place of work.
  • Social Security Scheme.
  • Any specific information on contributions and protective action
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