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Special agreement for workers who apply for spanish social security and begin providing services to the administration of the european union

Please follow the link to the Processes and Procedures section to see a simplified version.

Who can apply?

Any person who begins to provide services to the European Community and who exercises the right to transfer from any of the public social security benefit schemes to a personal or community social security system or the actuary equivalent or the reinstatement value of the passive rights acquired for retirement or widowhood.

Application Method and Deadline

The Special Agreement application is made by submitting the corresponding form (form TA-0040) to the Provincial Department of the Social Security Treasury Office or the Administration office corresponding to the applicant's home address.

-There are two deadlines:

* 90 days following termination or determining situation of the special agreement.

* At any time.


There is no minimum contribution period required for this type of Special Agreement. Appointment as a civil servant or temporary agent of the European Community must be certified, as well as having exercised the right to transfer outlined in the Royal Decree.

Protective Action

This Special Agreement guarantees coverage for Permanent Disability, Social Services and Health Care. (It excludes benefits for Retirement and for Death and Survival).

Effective dates

If the special agreement application was submitted within the 90 natural days following the date of employment termination or in the situation determined by the subscription to the special agreement, it takes effect from the day following the day on which the termination in the corresponding Scheme takes effect, except when the interested party opts for it to take effect from the date on which the application was submitted.

If the agreement application was submitted outside the 90-day period, it takes effect from the date on which the application was submitted.


The amount of the payment is determined in accordance with the regulations established in the general regulations, with the exception of the application of a specific coefficient used to reduce the contribution as a result of eventualities that are not covered.


In all those areas not specified in article 13 of Order TAS/2865/2003 of 13 October, this special agreement is governed by the general regulations.

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