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Special health care agreement for recipients of swiss pensions residing in spain

Please follow the link to the Processes and Procedures section to see a simplified version.

Who may apply?

The beneficiaries of pensions covered by Swiss Federal Social Security Legislation, as long as they are Swiss or Spanish citizens and reside in Spain and they do not have a right to medical assistance coverage in Spain.

Application Method and Deadline

At any time after the residency move to Spain.


That the applicant has been granted a pension or, where appropriate, an income granted exclusively by virtue of Swiss Federal Social Security Legislation and holds Swiss or Spanish citizenship.

Certify the transfer of residence and the date on which it was established in Spain.
If there are dependent family member beneficiaries, their relationship must be certified.

Effective Dates

From the date of the application.

Causes for Termination

- Failure to make the corresponding payments for three consecutive or five alternative months.

- Establishment of the person entitled to the right as an active worker, pensioner or beneficiary of any Scheme in the Spanish Social Security System.

- Due to death of the pensioner.

- Voluntary decision of the holder of the Agreement, duly notified in writing to the Social Security Treasury Office.

- End of residency in Spain.

- Loss of pensioner status.


The signatory to the special agreement must make a monthly payment, to be determined annually by the Ministry of Employment and Immigration. Payments are made monthly and are due in the calendar month following the respective payment period.

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