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Special agreement for workers in civil servant positions or employees in international, intergovernmental organisations

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Who may apply?

Spanish citizens residents abroad that are employees or civil servants of intergovernmental international bodies, as per table attached.

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The classification as a civil servant or employee in such Organisations is certified through a certificate issued by the corresponding entity, endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Spanish citizens residing in Spain who provide services at the Headquarters of the International Petroleum Council, the Office of Latin American Education, the European Space Agency, the World Tourism Organisation, the Spanish Delegation of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the European Satellite Centre of the Western European Union, the Joint Southwest Subregional Headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in Spain or any other international organisation so determined.

Application Method and Deadline

The application (form TA-0040) must be submitted to the Provincial Department of the Social Security Treasury Office or its Administration office at any time.

Protective Action

The purpose of the special agreement is to provide coverage for Permanent Disability, Death and Survival derived from common contingencies, Retirement, Social Services. For residents in Spain only, the Medical Assistance coverage may be obtained by signing a special agreement limited to this benefit only.


Must not be classified as a civil servant in the Spanish Public Administration which gives rise to inclusion in any Social Security System Scheme.

Effective dates

The presentation date of the application or the date of the situation determined by the special agreement when submitted within 90 days following the date of the situation.

Causes for Termination

- Due to the interested party entering into the situation of retirement or permanent disability pensioner.

- Due to the interested party registering as a worker employed by another Person in CCC with TRL identification as a civil servant.

- Due to failure to make three consecutive or five alternative monthly payments.

- Due to death of the interested party.

- Due to a decision by the interested party, duly notified to the Social Security Treasury Office.


The ordinary special agreement management rules apply to the contribution basis, with the exception that the selected bases may not be modified until after three natural years from the date of registration in the special agreement or from the last modification to the contribution basis. The modification must be requested prior to 1 October each year in order to go into effect on 1 January of the following year.


In all those areas not specified in article 14 of Order TAS/2865/2003 of 13 October, this special agreement is governed by the general regulations.

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