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Illustrative image APP ISM in your pocketThe APP for seafarers.

Access your procedures with the ISM at any time, anywhere.

Application aimed at people belonging to the Special Social Security Scheme for Seafarers, designed to make it easier to carry out all the procedures and formalities with the Social Marine Institute through the application itself.

The Social Marine Institute is one of the Management Entities of the Spanish Social Security System. It is part of the Secretary of State for Social Security and Pensions and has a specific regulation, its main regulation being Law 47/2015 of 21 October regulating the social protection of workers in the maritime-fishing sector.

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This application will allow you to:

  • Access to different personalised services depending on your situation in the Special Scheme for Seafarers:
    • In the area of Health at Sea: You will be able to download, among others, your medical reports and certificates (Medical Certificate of Fitness for Boarding, medical reports, spirometry, blood tests, etc.), as well as access the hospital ship location service.
    • In the field of Social Security: You will be able to access the "JUBIMAR" retirement simulator and download your reports and certificates (employment history, current situation of the worker, COE, contribution data, etc.).
    • In terms of maritime and health training: You will be able to apply for training and to obtain information and process your formalities in relation to the specific health training certificate.
  • Other: You can also apply for your European Health Insurance Card, as well as those of your beneficiaries; request an appointment for the medical examination for embarkation at sea or for other procedures you need to carry out at our offices, and use the office location service.
  • Submit applications and documents through the Electronic Register.
  • Use the enquiries mailbox to ask any questions you may have about your dealings with the Social Marine Institute.
  • Access the notifications you will receive regarding the expiry of your Certificate of Fitness to Board, COE update, reminder of new recognition or new response in the Enquiries Mailbox.
  • Access the certificates or reports that you have previously downloaded through the services menu, so that they are available at any time and place, even when you do not have an internet connection.

You can access these informative videos for more information:

Access to the application requires Cl@ve permanent identification, which gives access to all the application's functionalities, or via SMS if the mobile phone is registered with the Social Security. If you have not previously registered with Cl@ve permanent, you can register by identifying yourself using an electronic DNI or digital certificate, or in person at a Cl@ve registration office, including those of the Social Security.

Please refer to the following page to find out how to register:

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