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2008/2 of 06 February 2008

Implementation of RED Direct

The Social Security General Treasury launches the RED Direct service.

RED Direct is a new transmission mode within the RED System that is intended to help small and medium-sized companies meet their obligations to the Social Security over the Internet, using a real time, direct connection to the TGSS.

To benefit from this new modality, it is necessary to apply for a RED Direct authorisation.

Companies, groups of companies, chartered professionals and all other individuals who are required to file or create documents related to contributions and company affiliations in the course of their activity, as the representatives of those who are required to pay contributions, if they have Contribution Account Codes (hereafter, CAC) including not more than 15 workers when they request the authorisation. Once the authorisation is resolved, if the number of workers included in a CAC that is assigned to a RED Direct Authorisation increases to more than 15, that CAC can continue to be used on RED Direct if it does not exceed 25 workers.

Further information on the application for authorisation can be found in the "Information Leaflet".

The functionalities to which RED Direct users will have access are as follows:

  • Contribution: User can fill in and submit the TC2 documents for their companies over the Internet and obtain a Contribution Payment Receipt that replaces the TC1. Contribution Payment Receipts can be paid in different ways, depending on the payment method selected by the user:

    • Direct Debit: Contributions can be paid by Direct Debit from the Financial Institution and client account supplied by the user.

    • Electronic Payment: Receipts can be paid through cash points, by telephone banking, by Internet banking or by going to the Financial Institution in person.

      If the payment is a credit to the user, simply presenting the contribution documents over RED Direct will be considered to be a Request for an Owed Balance and it will only be necessary to give the details of the bank account into which the corresponding amount can be paid.

    Other services in the area of Contributions are:

    • Obtaining a first draft of TC2s and Payment Receipts
    • Changing your chosen method of payment and bank account details
    • Querying documents submitted and printing duplicate copies
    • Obtaining Contribution Payment Receipts with a surcharge for late payment
    • Cancelling Documents
    Currently, the contribution feature only works for Contribution Account Codes that belong to the General Scheme (0111) and make normal payments (L00).

  • Worker Affiliation: In this area, workers can be affiliated and terminated, their affiliation data can be changed, and information on workers and companies registered with the System can be obtained through queries and reports.

  • Submitting Temporary Disability Medical Reports:  RED Direct allows you to submit medical reports beginning, ending and confirming medical leave due to professional contingencies, regardless of whether they are covered by the INSS or a Mutual Society.

  • Viewing Messages: RED Direct users can view messages sent to them by the TGSS on line and print them out in PDF format. The messages are stored in the personal mailbox assigned to the user by the TGSS.

The set-up needed to work with this mode of transmission is minimal: all that is needed is:

  • A PC with the following characteristics:

    • ADSL Internet access

    • At least 128 Mb of RAM

  • A SILCON digital certificate or electronic ID to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the process.

The advantages to users of this mode of transmission are the following:

  • A direct connection to the TGSS so that you can process affiliations, contributions and medical certificates in real time.

  • Minimal infrastructure: all you need is a PC connected to the Internet.

  • A simple tool: does not require any special knowledge of computers or of the Social Security system.

  •  RED Direct offers you simple, dynamic, personalised digital forms for filling out contribution documents, which do not allow mistakes and which simplify the fulfilment of their obligation to pay in contributions to the Social Security.

Finally, we should note that on the Social Security web site (, in the “Information” and “Documentation” sections of the RED System you can find all the information you need about RED Direct, as well as the following materials:

  • Application Forms.

  • User Manuals: Information Leaflet, Information Brochure, RED Direct Presentation and Basic Users Guide.

RED News Bulletin 2008/02

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