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What is the RED System?


This is a service the TGSS  offers companies, business groups and professionals in order to enable the exchange of information and documents between both parties (TGSS and users) via the INTERNET.

You can contact the TGSS directly using the RED  System, and thanks to the technological resources and security measures required, you can access company and worker data, as well as send contribution and affiliation documents and medical reports.

The following areas are covered by this service:

  • Contributions: submitting documents from the TC2 series (Payroll Report), processing of balances owed, and paying in contributions by direct debit or electronic payment.

  • Affiliation: affiliation, termination of affiliation and data changes for workers, as well as requesting and viewing reports on workers and companies.

  • INSS:
    • Processing medical reports beginning and ending medical leave for WRI  and OI, and confirmation reports for both common and professional contingencies through the National Social Security Institute.
    • Submission of maternity/paternity certificates (RECEMA).  

  • Authorisation Management: this enables users to manage CCCs or NAFs, as well as Secondary Users.

Users can carry out these procedures and receive messages from the TGSS from their own office, without needing to go anywhere and without any of the limitations imposed by office hours.

Therefore, the RED  System will speed up the flow of information between companies and offices and Social Security, eliminating the paperwork cycle, improving data quality and avoiding waiting periods in Administration offices.

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