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Steps to follow to apply for Direct Debit

To use this service you only need to enter the Customer Account details when sending the TC2 over the RED System.

The application is done using WinSuite32 and by following the steps below:

  •  From the first window, select the option "Contributions". A new window will open where you can select the file with the contributions that you wish to send in.

  •  After selecting the contribution file, the "Method of payment" option becomes available". Click on "Next".

    Screen shot of the Contribution File with the

  • Then, a new window will appear listing all the Contribution Account Codes in the file to be sent.

    Note: If your payroll program creates the method of payment section (MPG) for direct debit, the field Type of Error will tell you if there was any error in the section created. When selecting one of the Contribution Account Codes, the Customer Account Code, Type, Identifier, CAC , Pay.  Per.  (Payment Period), Company Name and Name of Account Holder will appear with the information provided by the payroll program, allowing you to change it if necessary by clicking on the button marked "Enter/Change".

    Selecting method of payment

  • If your payroll program does not create the direct debit section (MPG ), the field Type of Error will be blank and a window will open with all the Contributions Account Codes in the file to be sent and the corresponding payment period. To request direct debit for any of these CAC's, select it and select the option Direct Debit. You must also click on the button "Enter/Change" to activate all the obligatory fields that must be filled in.

    Selecting method of payment

  • The required fields are:

    • Client Account Code
      • Bank
      • Office
      • DC (Check Digit)
      • Account Number

    • Information on the Account Holder
      • Name
      • Type of Identifier (DNI /NIF , Passport, NIE  or CIF )
      • Identifier

  • After filling in these fields, if you wish to request Direct Debit for any other Contribution Account Code, click on the OK button.

  • If you wish to request Direct Debit for any other document to be sent in, select the corresponding Contribution Account Code and repeat the process above.

    Selecting method of payment

  • After filling in the information for all the Contribution Account Codes that are requesting Direct Debit, click on the button "End" and the file will be validated and adapted before being sent.

    Contribution file validation screen
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