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Steps involved in joining

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The page you are trying to access is not available in the language you requested. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.
Languages available: Castellano

The page you are trying to access is not available in the language you requested. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.
Languages available: Castellano

1. Applying for a Digital Certificate

First, it is necessary to apply for a Digital Certificate that guarantees the security and confidentiality of the communication process.

The Digital Certificates that can be used on RED  Direct are:

    • Electronic DNI:

      The electronic DNI must be applied for in person at the national police stations that are authorised to issue them.

      The certificate is issued there and then.
    • SILCON Certificate:

      This certificate must be applied for in person in the Social Security Administration Offices or the Provincial Offices of the TGSS and INSS  (check availability on e-Office > Digital Certificates), with the user presenting their identification document (DNI , NIE or passport).

      The SILCON Certificate is issued in a sealed envelope together with a password which can be changed on the Social Security website.

3. Application for allocation of CCCs/NAFs

An application will also need to be made for the CCCs or NAF that will be managed to be assigned to the authorisation. This process can be carried out in person at the TGSS or through a service available on the Online RED System / Authorisations Management.

  • Application in person

    The following documentation should besubmitted, depending on whether the Red authorised person and the NAF or CCCs to be assigned have the same or a different NIF:

      • Form FR104: For cases where the RED authorised person and the CCCs and/or NAF to be assigned or cancelled have the same NIF, the authorised person does not have be granted powers of representation so that they may act on behalf of the CCC or NAF, as it matches the identity of both. This form only needs to be signed by the main user of the authorisation. The main user will not be asked to prove that they represent the authorised company, as they have already provided proof of this in the authorisation application.
      • Form FR103: For cases where the RED Authorised Person and the NAF to be assigned have different NIFs, the authorised person must be granted powers of representation to act on behalf of the affiliated party. It must always be signed by the main user of the authorisation, as well as by the affiliated person or the latter's representative.
      • Form FR10: This form is used when the RED Authorised Person and the CCCs to be assigned have different NIFs. 

    The steps in the Application for assigning CCCs/NAF to an authorisation cannot be carried out through the Electronic Register (neither on an individual basis nor jointly with the authorisation application).

    All forms to be submitted can be downloaded for free from the Social Security website.

  • Electronic application

    The application service for the allocation/cancellation of CCCs/NAFs is available on the Online RED System/ Authorisations Management. Only the authorisation's main user can use this service.

      • When applying for a CCC or NAF, the system checks if the authorisation NIF matches the NIF of the CCC or NAF to be assigned. If it matches, then the CCC or NAF will be assigned automatically.
      • If it does not match, the company must confirm the assignment using the service created to this end available from the Social Security e-Office.

    For more information on this service, please refer to the “Authorisations Management” manual.

  • 4. Granting authorisation

    A few days after the authorisation has been granted, copies of the authorisation resolution will be sent to the person authorised.

    5. User management

    The main user of the authorisation may register, remove or change the details of secondary users through the “Registration/Removal or Modification of Secondary Users” service, in the “Authorisations Management – Secondary User Management” section of the Online RED System.

    Notwithstanding the foregoing, under exceptional circumstances, form FR102A may be submitted in person at Administration offices by the authorisation holder to request the registration, removal or modification of secondary users. Likewise, the secondary user can request termination of affiliation by submitting the FR102U form in person, as long as there are sufficient obstacles to completing that process online. 

    6. Practice Mode on the System

    After acquiring the necessary information and having received training on this new service, users are ready to start working with RED Direct. It is advisable to carry out a series of tests before actually using the real service. The tests are carried out in different ways for Affiliation and Contributions:

    • Affiliation: It is possible to send information in practice mode, that is, the information will not have any actual effect on the TGSS database. It is necessary to have at least one Contribution Account Code to practise on, as noted above in the section on Applying for an Authorisation. Using this  CCC users can carry out the corresponding practice. To do so, you must enter using the "RED Direct. Affiliation Practice” option in the “Online Registration and Affiliation” section of the "RED Services of RED Direct" menu.
    • Contributions: Unlike Affiliation, there is no “RED Direct Contributions Practice” section, but the user can enter to complete a draft version of TC2 and carry out all the trials they deem necessary as these will not have any effect until “Approve the Contribution Payment Receipt” has been clicked.

                  At the end of the submission period, any draft TC2 documents will not be considered valid by the TGSS.

    For the start, end and confirmation of medical leave, the process can only be worked on in real time so it is not possible to carry out any tests.

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