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Can I carry out procedures related to IT reports or Maternity/Paternity Certificates?

No, CASIA can only be used to communicate  procedures, queries or incidents related to matters within the scope of management of the Social Security General Treasury.

For INSS matters, you should contact the"Call Centre".

What happens if I misclassify a case?

The Social Security General Treasury processor handling your case will be able to modify certain aspects of the classification you have made, e.g. the subject, category or subcategory of your queries or errors/incidents without the need for you to take any further action.

However, if an enquiry or an error/incident involves an administrative action, you will need to open the appropriate Request for Action.

How will I know that my application has been completed?

You will receive an e-mail informing you that the Social Security General Treasury has resolved the procedure or  has requested more information on the matter, as long as the main user of the authorisation has communicated the e-mail address through the Consultation and Modification of Contact Details Service of the RED system's virtual office.

You will also receive an email notifying you of the resolution of those queries made through the Helpline that could not be resolved in the first call.

The response given to the case can be consulted through the Case Management functionality. 

Is it possible to apply for a Social Security Number through CASIA?

Yes, the Authorised person can request the Social Security Number through CASIA of those workers for whom they are subsequently going to communicate their registration. To do so, you must use the corresponding procedure accompanied by Form TA.1 signed by the worker, DNI or NIE and, if applicable, certificate of disability status. 

Other procedures

Procedures that cannot be requested through CASIA must be submitted through the Electronic Register.

What procedures can I apply for?

The procedures that can be applied for through CASIA are as follows:


  • CCC assignment. 
    • TRL annotation not implemented in RED
  • Provide supporting documentation.
    • Compliance with tax obligations
    • Provide supporting documentation.
  • Data modifications.
    • CNAE change
    • Responsible Declaration  F.D.Turismo.
    • Dividend Distribution Exemptions Waiver


  • Registration of self-employed. 
    • Late registration of self-employed workers
  • Registration of workers employed by another person.
    • Request for Social Security number
    • Registration as worker after the deadline
    • Removal of consolidated registration after the deadline 
    • Modification of registration date and effects of registration after the  deadline
    • Actual days worked after the deadline 
    • SEFHort:  Annotation of Days not worked after the deadline
    • Registrations not admitted by RED
  • Variations of data on self-employed workers
    • Modification of SETA (agricultural) worker and family members
    • Modification  TRADE worker 
    • Recognition of benefits by judicial decision
    • Application for a reduction in the basis of Pluri-activity after the deadline 
    • Application for Overturned disability contribution benefits 
    • Self-employed worker in a religious institution 
    • Application for Family Conciliation contribution benefits 
    • Proof of gender-based violence/victim of terrorism
    • Change of status Natural person to partner-manager
    • Contribution  benefits application for contributing family members
    • CNAE change
  • Variation of  SE Household workers data
    • Annotation of large family status 
    • Remuneration change with retroactive effect
    • Substitution/interim contract
    • Change of person responsible for paying monthly<60 H. contributions
    • Change Contract retroactive effect .
    • Change No. of hours/month retroactive effect.
  • Variation of  data for employed persons
    • Retirement age reduction coefficient
    • Worker collective
    • Unemployed status
    • Employment Contract
    • Leaves of absence
    • Start date of employment contract
    • Degrees of Disability 
    • Reduction of working hours for legal guardianship after the deadline 
    • Type Occupation 
    • Variation of part-time coefficient
    • Annotate Additional Situations 001 and 015 and modification/deletion after the deadline
    • ERTE-Special Situations and 406
    • Responsible Declaration ERTE La Palma
  • Registration/Variation of Additional Integrated Data Bases DIBA
    • Additional Bases Types 001 - Assignment/Rescission CCC CONCENTRATED WORK
  • Deregistration of self-employed workers. 
    • Deregistration of self-employed workers after the deadline
  • Deregistration of workers employed by another person
    • Deregistration of workers after the deadline
    • Removal of consolidated deregistration after the deadline
    • Key modification resulting from deregistration after the deadline
    • Modification in the effective deregistration date after the deadline
  • Provide supporting documentation. 
    • Social exclusion/victims of gender-based violence
    • Employed Workers
    • Self-Employed Workers
    • Existence of ERTE


  • Domestic Employees.
    • Change in bank details application
  • Provide supporting documentation.
    • Credited retribution items (CRA) > BBCC 
    • Interruption of expiry


  • Change transmission medium RED Authorised person
  • Change Main User RED Authorisation
  • Change of company name RED Authorisation
  • Change of type of RED Authorisation
  • Modification of the address of the RED Authorisation


  • Provide supporting documentation
    • Settlement Update after the Deadline

The procedures that can be submitted through CASIA will be progressively updated.

What should be classified as a procedure?

Those requests for administrative actions as long as they cannot be managed through the services of the RED System and/or SEDESS, because the functionality does not exist or because the regulatory period established for its use has been exceeded.

When a procedure is registered, a Proof of Opening of Procedure will be generated, stating the date and time at which the application was made.

When is the subject matter of a case considered to be technical?

Technical cases are queries relating to  the installation of software, technical requirements for the transmission of files or communications, as well as errors or incidents related to the software or hardware of the Authorised RED. In short, those cases whose resolution may require the help of an IT specialist, in relation to the use of the RED System.

For example: Problems with electronic certificates, the installation or updating of RED System software,  connecting to the RED System, problems in communications (sending, downloading messages) between the authorised person and the RED System.

The creation of a technical case requires the completion of the "Technical Data Form" located in theErrores- Incidencias Materia Técnica" section of the website.

What should be classified as an error/incidence?

All cases in which an error is reported as a result of an improper operation of the system or incorrect action by the user.

This includes all errors or incidents that occur when the authorised person carries out any procedure online or in the SEDESS, in the transmission of files through the RED System, or in the responses received through these means.

All cases classified as errors or incidents in the TGSS manuals should be recorded this way. For example, those set out in the document "Direct Settlement System. Error Handling".

Important: If an administrative procedure is necessary to resolve the error, the case must be registered as such. In the event that it has been incorrectly classified as an error/incidence, it will be closed and the need to open the appropriate Request for Action will be reported, as this case requires a different processing procedure.

What can I do with CASIA?

Through CASIA you can submit queries, errors or incidents arising in the transmission of files through the RED or SLD System or in the functionalities of the Online Services and submit applications for procedures within the scope of management of the Social Security General Treasury that cannot be carried out through the RED System and/or SEDESS.

What should be classified as query?

A query is a request for information on issues related to Affiliation, Contribution, RED System, SLD or RED Direct procedures, e-Office or Authorisation Management, among others.

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