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Special agreement for recipients of the unemployment subsidy for workers over 52 years of age


Procedure for requesting the special agreement for workers receiving the unemployment subsidy for persons over the age of 52

General Information


To complete the contributions for permanent Disability, Death, and Survival, arising from common contingencies and, if applicable, Retirement.

  • Workers receiving unemployment benefit with the right to contribution for the retirement contingency, over the age of 52/55.
  • Permanent, intermittent workers who are receiving the unemployment subsidy and are entitled to contribute to the Social Security for the retirement contingency. When workers are under 52 years of age, the agreement will be for a maximum of 60 days.

Form TA-0040

  • Original and copy of the: National Identity Document, Foreign Citizen Card or Passport, as applicable.
  • Original or copy of the decision granting the subsidy.
Where to process it:

At the Provincial or Administrative Offices of the Social Security Treasury General corresponding to the domicile of the applicant. If you have a digital certificate you can access the e-Office and submit the application form and required documentation online through the Special Agreement Registration process in the Social Security e-Office.


There are two deadlines:

  • 90 days of the date of being entitled to receive the subsidy.
  • At any moment during the time the person is receiving the subsidy.

More information on submission deadlines


It will take effect at the option of the interested party:

  • From the moment the right to the unemployment benefit exists (only if applied for within 90 days from the recognition of the right). 
  • From the date of application.
Denial / Expiration / Suspension:


  • During the worker's periods of activity which determine his/her inclusion within any of the Social Security schemes.
  • During the periods of suspension of the subsidy.


  • Due to the expiration of the unemployment subsidy, with the possibility of signing a Special Agreement, as indicated in the General Regulations.

More information on rejection/termination/suspension 

Other important information:
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