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Special agreement for seasonal workers during periods of inactivity and for those included within the Social Security General Scheme's special systems for fruits and vegetables and canned vegetable products.


Procedure in the special agreement for seasonal workers during periods of inactivity and for those included in the special schemes for fruit and vegetables and vegetable preserves in the General Social Security Scheme.

General Information


The purpose of this Special Agreement is coverage for Permanent Disability, Death and Survival arising from common contingencies, Retirement, Social Services, and Medical Assistance

  • Workers employed by another person included in any of the System Schemes due to seasonal work in an activity of this nature, in the time between two consecutive seasons.
  • Seasonal workers who provide services in companies dedicated to the handling, packaging and commercialisation of fruits and vegetables and the production of preserved vegetables, included in the Special Fruits and Vegetables and Preserved Vegetables Systems of the General Social Security Scheme who are dropped from that scheme.

Further information about beneficiaries


Form TA-0040

  • National Identity Document, Foreign Resident Card or Passport, as applicable. 
  • Company certificate providing proof of the date of termination of work.
  • And the Certificate required for workers  that have been in contributory unemployment.
Where to process it:

At the Provincial or Administrative Offices of the Social Security Treasury General corresponding to the domicile of the applicant. If you have a digital certificate  you can access the e-Office and submit the application form and required documentation online through the Special Agreement Registration process in the Electronic Applications Register.

Time periods:
  • Within the calendar month following termination of the seasonal work.
  • Upon exhausting the contributory unemployment benefits.
  • Within the sixty-day period of unemployment subsidy for intermittent-permanent employees who have the right to make contributions for the retirement contingency.

More information on deadlines


It is effective from the calendar day following the one on which deregistration from the original Scheme becomes effective or the above-mentioned benefits expire.

More information on effects

  • Filing the application within the specified periods.
  • Providing proof of having made contributions as a seasonal worker, for a minimum of three years or three full seasons within the seven years immediately prior to the date of termination of work or the end of the benefits mentioned in the section on the application.

Further information on requirements


Reasons for expiry:

  • When the interested party acquires the status of pensioner due to retirement or permanent disability.
  • Due to the death of the interested party.
  • Failure to make the payments corresponding to three consecutive or five alternating months.
  • When the interested party is included within the field of application of any Scheme which has a reciprocal computation of contributions specified with the Social Security General Scheme.
  • Decision by the interested party duly reported to the Social Security Treasury General
Other important information:
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