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Your employment history and contribution bases

The General Treasury of the Social Security has incorporated new information and services in Importass, in addition to those offered since its launch, making it easier for you to consult your personalised information and obtain your reports in a clearer and simpler way.

Until now, the Treasury carried out a campaign to inform workers who had paid contributions during some period of the previous year about their employment history and contribution bases, by letter or SMS in the case of those who had given their mobile phone number.

Now through the portal you can access this information at any time, from any device, without having to travel or wait for delivery, with the advantage of always having up-to-date information.

Further information: Importass: Your employment history and contribution bases.

What's new on Importass?

Until now, from the portal you could consult and download the report on your employment history, carry out your procedures if you are self-employed or have an employee in your home, find out and pay your debts and modify your personal details.

Now you can also:

  • You can also consult your employment history online, view your contribution bases and download reports.
  • See the details of your Social Security registration if you are self-employed.
  • Find out more about your contribution if you are an employee.
  • Receive notices in your Personal Area.

Can I open an SMS from the Social Security with information about my employment history?

If you receive the following message it is safe:

The Treasury has launched a communication via SMS to all workers who have their phone linked, with the aim of informing about the availability of information on their employment history and contribution bases in Importass.
Access your personal area via the link provided, using the SMS option.

If you have not provided your mobile phone number, you will receive a letter showing you how to access this information.

What do I need to navigate through Importass?

For better use we recommend using the Google Chrome, Windows Edge or Mozilla Firefox browsers. The use of Internet Explorer is not recommended.

To be able to access the personal area, check information and carry out online procedures, you need to have some form of identification. If you have communicated your mobile phone to the Treasury you can enter via SMS, it is also possible to access with your  Cl@ve or digital certificate.

If you do not have any means of identification, see how you can register with Cl@veor communicate your mobile phone in order to access via SMS.

How can I access the portal?

You can access the portal from the Social Security website, from the eOffice or from the Social Security APP. In all of them you will find a link to Importass.

What notices will I see in my personal area?

Notices are added to the Importass personal area in order to provide you with information of your interest. In addition to showing you information on the existence of a draft of an unfinished household registration,  you will see a warning if your registration is cancelled in the Social Security system or  if you have any debts. In the latter case, you have a link to consult the information and get up to date.

And if I am a self-employed worker, what does the portal offer me?

If you are self-employed, you can now access the details of your details as a self-employed worker, related to your current Social Security registration: your activity, quota, the insurance company you have chosen or what your contribution covers.
Additionally, you can access a specific  page in which all the procedures you may need are grouped, as well as the information you may require before using any service. You also have a guide, where we answer the questions you may ask yourself before, during and after carrying out any procedure.

If I am an employee, what can I consult?

As an employee, you can find out the details of the data relating to your current employment relationship: working day, type of contract, contribution group, collective agreement and insurance company. You will also be able to find out information on the latest contribution base available and the contribution you pay to Social Security each month, together with the amount the company pays for you. You have a direct link to the calculation query report to view this information for any previous period.

What information can I consult about my employment history and contribution bases?

By accessing your personal area, you can consult the details of your employment history and your contribution bases online.

In the Your employment history section, you will see your periods of registration and cessation with the Social Security, the companies you have worked for, your activity as a self-employed person and the number of days you have been registered.

In the Your contribution bases section, you can consult the amounts of the bases, corresponding to the periods in which you have been registered with the Social Security, which will be taken into account for the calculation of your benefits.

You can also select the results by date or company, download the complete report at any time or adapt it to the information you need. In addition, if you detect errors, you can request the addition or correction of data.

It is possible, if you do not have digital identification, to request these reports be sent by post, if the address is up to date with the Social Security General Treasury.

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