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e-Office services with Cl@ve PIN access

Cl@ve is an electronic identity verification platform for the identification and authentication of citizens.  Its access functions include Cl@ve PIN, which is a password system with a very limited time validity, and it is aimed at users who access the services sporadically. It is based on the use of a pin chosen by the user and a PIN sent via SMS to the user's mobile phone.

To be able to use Cl@ve PIN you must register with the system via the internet or at any Cl@VE Registration Office. For more information on the registration process and its use, please refer to the official Cl@ve website.

This new access function  is available in the Electronic Office for the following services:

With the basic registration modality, you can  access the following Social Security Electronic Office services when you identify yourself through Cl@VE PIN.

  1. What is the status of my benefit? (Other accesses)
  2. Accreditation of self-employed agricultural activity
  3. Accreditation of having registered or deregistered at   self-employed work
  4. Proof of non-registration as entrepreneur
  5. Certification of not having a Social Security number.
  6. Accreditation of registration, cessation or modifications in household employment.
  7. Accreditation of a Social Security number
  8. Registration in Domestic employment
  9. Registration of self-employment
  10. Registration of workers under the Special Scheme for Self-employed Seafarers
  11. Cessation of home employment
  12. Cessation of self-employment
  13. De-registration from Self-Employed Workers under the Special Scheme for Sea Workers
  14. Change of contribution basis - self-employment work
  15. Change in contribution basis -special agreements 
  16. Change of address of employee/company
  17. Change of telephone number and email address
  18. Change of telephone number and email address of the employer
  19. Certificate comprehensive benefits
  20. Certificate of compliance with the Social Security obligations
  21. Confirmation of allocation of CCCs or NAFs to a RED authorised party
  22. Consult RED authorised parties who manage an NAF
  23. Consult RED authorised parties who manage an company
  24. Consult payment calculator for workers
  25. Consult pending settlements and obtain the payment document
  26. Consultation of receipts issued for the Special Scheme for Self-employed Workers (RETA)
  27. Consultation of receipts issued for the Special Scheme for Self-employed Workers (RETA)
  28. Follow-up consultation of the file on the objection already initiated before the TGSS.
  29. Refund of payments of special schemes and systems
  30. Direct debit
  31. Duplicate of CCC Registration and Allocation documents for employers
  32. Deletion Previous Registrations/Deregistrations Special Scheme for Self-Employed Seafarers
  33. Deletion of prior registrations/de-registrations of workers in the Special Scheme or Domestic Employees
  34. Inclusion/exclusion/reincorporation in the Special Agricultural Scheme. Inactivity
  35. Contribution bases report
  36. Report on quotas paid
  37. Self-employment contribution data report
  38. RETM contribution data report  
  39. Report on being up-to-date on all Social Security  contributions
  40. Personal information and address report
  41. Current worker status report
  42. Individual employer status report
  43. Social Security status report as of a specific date
  44. Employment history report  
  45. CCC Registration and Allocation for individual employers
  46. Proof of real days worked
  47. Modification of self-employed activity
  48. Modification of employment data in domestic employment
  49. Modification of self-employed status
  50. Modification of the collaborating mutual insurance company and self-employment cover
  51. Correction of contribution bases report
  52. Correction of employment history report
  53. Withdrawing CCCs and NAFs assigned to a RED authorised party
  54. Resolution (duplicate) of registration/deregistration in the Special Scheme for Self-employed Seafarers
  55. JUBIMAR Simulator
  56. Request the Social Security number
  57. Low income base due to pluriactivity RETM request
  58. Low income base due to pluriactivity in self-employment request
  59. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) Application (Other Access).
  60. Application requests evaluated using a predetermined scale
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