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Company Working Life Report

The most relevant information on companies’ Social Security contributions in 2018.

The Social Security General Treasury sends companies that have made their payment of contributions through the Direct Settlement System in 2018 relevant information regarding their employment and contribution situation in that year.

More information

To make it easier to understand, you can download the explanatory note describing in detail each of the sections in which the report is structured, the list of terms that appear in Working Life report, as well as the letter sent with this information.

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Aim of the report

The aim of the Social Security General Treasury is to provide companies with the most relevant information on their Social Security contributions.

The Direct Settlement System, which is currently being used by almost all companies, not only represents progress in simplifying the obligation to contribute, but also provides more information on Social Security contributions, with an emphasis on the detail of the amounts and calculations made for each worker, in turn improving the transparency of the system.

Who is this report aimed at?

To companies with employees registered in 2018, provided that they have filed their instalment settlements throughout 2018 through the Direct Settlement System.

Where can I direct my enquiries?

You can make enquiries via:


It is important that the company communicates its contact details: mobile phone number and e-mail through the Social Security Electronic Office service located in the Companies/Affiliation and Registration/Communication of the employer's telephone number and e-mail address section, in order to receive communications and information.

What information does it contain?

The Company Working Life report provides information about the Social Security contributions settlements presented in 2018, the contributions calculated by the Social Security General Treasury and the contributions paid by the company.

It shows the evolution of contributions and the number of workers registered in the different months of 2018.

It also includes specific information on contribution bases and deductions, the amounts of remuneration paid to employees and the company’s situation in relation to the payment of Social Security contributions.

Access to the report

Companies can consult or download this report on the Social Security Electronic Office, in the “Electronic Notifications” section, through the “Electronic Communications” option.

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