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Importass. Comprehensive information and simpler procedures for self-employed workers

If you are going to start an activity on your own or you are already self-employed, you can now carry out your procedures in a safe and simple way from Importass. The Social Security General Treasury integrates all services in its Portal, with a new and more intuitive design, using simple language, accompanying and guiding the worker through all steps of the process.

Importass is a digital space adapted to mobile devices, accessible from the Website, the Electronic Office (SEDESS), and the Social Security app, and where information and processing services are provided. It also incorporates a personal area where citizens can check their personal details, regardless of their current employment situation.

Since its launch in April 2021, new services of great utility for workers, and for citizens in general, have been incorporated under the premise of putting the user at the centre of service design. This ensures that the services are accessible, understood, used and valued.

Self-employed workers have been a priority group since the launch of Importass. From the beginning, a specific page was opened on the Portal grouping together all the procedures available in the Electronic Office for these workers, as well as any prior information that might be needed before using any service. A guide was also already available. The guide provides answers to the most frequently asked questions of this group, which may arise before, during and after carrying out any procedure.

The information available on the Portal is now complete and the services have been adapted and redesigned in order to facilitate safer, simpler and more intuitive management by converting the processes into guided procedures that contain all the necessary explanations at each step.

As a self-employed worker, what new features can I find on the portal?

The main new features focus on the redesign of the procedures that you usually use: registration, deregistration, modifications (of the contribution basis, coverage, Mutual Society, etc.). The services are designed in such a way that you do not need to have prior knowledge of the legislation and related administrative steps.

This means that, in addition to accompanying and guiding you through the process, you are provided with explanations about what each of your decisions entails, as well as your rights and obligations, when filling in information.
In addition, improvements have been introduced that will simplify and streamline your procedures:

  • If you do not have a Social Security Number, you will obtain one as part of the registration process, avoiding the need to go through a previous procedure to obtain it.
  • If you do not complete the registration process, a draft will be generated and this will be available for retrieval for a period of 10 days.
  • You can schedule your registration or deregistration as a self-employed worker and cancel these in case you do not start or finish your activity on the date specified.
  • At any time, in the "Your document archive" section of your Personal Area in the Portal, you can consult and download all the documents generated as a result of the procedures carried out.
  • From your Personal Area, as well as accessing the details of your current Social Security registration details, you can request modifications to your economic activity, contribution basis, insurance company and coverage, address of activity, or bank account for the direct debit of your contributions.
  • There is a simulator where you can check the approximate contribution you will have to pay before registration.

How can I access the portal?

You can access the portal from the Social Security website, from the Electronic Office or from the Social Security APP. All of them include a link to Importass.

What do I need to navigate through this portal?

For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome, Windows Edge or Mozilla Firefox browsers. The use of Internet Explorer is not recommended.

To be able to access the personal area, check information and carry out online procedures, you need to have some form of identification. If you have provided your mobile number to the Treasury, you can enter the portal via SMS. It is also possible to access it with your Cl@ve or digital certificate.

If you do not have any means of identification, see how you can register with cl@ve or send a request to provide your mobile number in order to access it via SMS.

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