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School insurance

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Are foreign students included in the School Insurance field?

Yes, as long as the general requirements are met and they are:

  • Citizens of countries of the European Union, European Economic Space (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and Switzerland.
  • Refugees and repatriated citizens who are residing in the aforementioned countries.
  • All resident foreign students under the same terms as Spanish citizens.

From what academic year does School Insurance cover start?

As from the 3rd year of ESO .

What is the minimum contribution period required to obtain School Insurance protection?

It is a requirement that at least one year has passed since the student matriculated for the first time in any learning centre covered by the insurance.

This requirement is not necessary in the following cases:

  • Benefits arising from school-related injury, family hardship due to death of the head of household and obstetrics. 
  • Students who during the previous year have taken the 2nd year of ESO, special education or have continued with their studies abroad.

Does the application need to be presented beforehand to receive health care through the School Insurance protection?

Yes. The application or any other similar document will need to be presented at the INSS.

However, if occuring as a result of a duly justified emergency, the interested party will have a period of five years to request the reimbursement of the costs for this care in accordance with the provisions in article 43 of the LGSS.

What conditions must a study trip meet to be protected by School Insurance?

For the purposes of protection against school-related injuries, a school trip is considered to be:

  • Trips of any nature that have been organised or authorised by the school (educational, sports, |etc. ). Activities that are completely unrelated to the objectives of the trip are excluded.
  • Trips that are done at the end of an academic stage or the final year at a school are considered to be "end of studies" trips.

How much is the economic benefit for family hardship through School Insurance?

  • Small families: 86.55 euros.
  • General category large family: 103.85 euros.
  • Special category large family: 129.82 euros.

These annual amounts will be paid during the years the student has left to complete their academic course (without repeating the course).

If there is a change of course once the benefit has been awarded, they will be able to continue to receive the benefit, although with the limit on education years established for the first course.

When is the family misfortune benefit received?

For initial recognition, payment will be made from the first day of the month after the month in which the causal event occurred.

For an extension, recognition will be from the month of the beginning of the course after the end of the initial benefit.

What are the requirements for being awarded the family misfortune extension?

The economic situation that resulted in the initial award of the benefit must be maintained. If the head of the household dies, family income cannot exceed 6010.12 euros for each family member, bearing in mind all the family members that live with the student as well as their income.

Likewise, it will also be checked that the student has taken advantage of their studies.

Is it possible to simultaneously receive health care through School Insurance and another Social Security scheme?

Yes. In general benefits arising from School Insurance are incompatible with any other benefit with identical content and arising from a similar risk. However, the following clarifications need to be made:

  • When the student has entitlement to health care: they will receive it through the corresponding Social Security Scheme.
  • When the student is a policy-holder: they will receive it through School Insurance.

Can the student's healthcare expenses be entirely repaid?

Yes, so long as healthcare (medical and pharmaceutical) meets the following requirements:

  • Results from a school-related injury and is urgent in nature.
  • Is awarded in a non-state assisted centre within a province where there is no school insurance authorised or assisted centre.

Does School Insurance health care include neuropsychiatry treatment and psychologists?

Among the illnesses covered by School Insurance is neuropsychiatry, which includes inpatient or outpatient care for neuropsychiatric cases that, due to their seriousness, affect continuation of the studies, except for those considered to be psychological development, behaviourial and emotional disorders, which normally begin during childhood and adolescence.

Psychotherapy sessions provided by psychologists are included, as long as they are prescribed by a psychiatrist.

What childbirth costs does School Insurance include?

When giving birth, School Insurance includes visits to the obstetrician prior to the birth, doctor's fees (obstetrician, nurse, anaesthetist and midwife), as well as the expenses resulting from hospitalisation (surgery, accommodation and food) and pharmaceutical expenses, in accordance with the rates established by the School Insurance.

It does not include the newborn's care expenses.

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