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Earning and payment of pension

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Do WRI or OD pensions include extra payments?

When pensions result from work-related injuries or occupational disease, the two extra payments in June and November will be distributed in the ordinary monthly payments as these pensions are paid in 12 instalments.

When are the extra payments made?

The due periods will be between:

  • The 1 December and 31 May of the following year, inclusive, for the extra payment in June.
  • Between the 1 June and 30 November, also inclusive, for the extra payment in November.

A single day of pension payment will be enough to calculate a sixth of the full amount of the relevant extra payment.

Under what circumstances does the settlement of the extra payment take place and how is it calculated?

In the event of cancellation, termination or suspension of a benefit, regardless of the reason, the extra payment will be deemed due on the 1st day of the month in which the termination or suspension is agreed or the reason for the cancellation occurs. 

It will be paid in an amount equal to a sixth for each of the months included between December (extra payment from June) or June (extra payment from November), and the month when the suspension or termination of the pension occurs. Each sixth will be calculated taking the amount of the ordinary pension for the month in which the suspension or cancellation is agreed.

Under what circumstances is a postal order accepted as a way of paying pensions?

Only in those cases where the recipient of the benefit in question does not have any other form or method of collection in their place of residence.

How are pensions paid to holders who have moved away or who are living abroad?

The pension can be paid, at the request of the pension holder, every calendar quarter or six months in arrears, even if it is due monthly and without, in any case whatsoever, generating any interest for the recipient.

When is it necessary to request the payment of a pension due and not received from the INSS?

The request for the pension due and not received will be required whenever a recipient of Social Security benefits dies. The pension will be paid in a different way to the system of paying into a current account or savings book or this if cancelled.

The request will be produced at the request of the lawful party and will be paid, if appropriate, on behalf of the beneficiaries.

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