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Specific features of each Scheme

Special Scheme for Seafarers

  • Who should register? When and where should they do so?

    Employers have to register and identify their work centres, prior to commencing their work activity, at the Marine Welfare Institute in their province of residence or of the place where the work centre is located.
  • Documentation to be submitted.

    • Official form available at offices of the ISM
    • Crew list and navigation or fishing licence for all vessels.
    • Certification of the maritime registration documents, up to date.
    • Registry certificate of vessel or ship ownership, or document that permits its operation.
    • Inclusion document showing coverage for occupational risks, and optional coverage of Temporary Disability due to common contingencies from Mutual Societies Partnered with Social Security.

  • General conditions and requirements : the same as for the General Scheme .

  • Processing: Provincial and Local Office of the ISM . If you have a digital certificate you can submit the application via the e-Office.
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