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General Treasury of the Social Security

|C/ Astros, 5 and 7 - 28007 - Madrid.

Telephone: 91 503 80 00.

What is the Social Security Treasury General?

It is a common Social Security service under the auspices of the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, with its own legal personality, which, by applying the principles of financial solidarity and general fund, unifies all the economic resources and the financial administration of the Social Security System.

It is considered to be a common service because it is a body responsible for the management of certain common duties for the various Managing Bodies of the Social Security System.

What are its powers?

  • The Registration of companies.

  • The Registration, affiliation and termination of workers.

  • The management and control of contributions and the collection of payments and all other sources of financing for the Social Security System.

  • Deferment and instalment plans for Social Security contributions.

  • Owning, managing and administering the goods and rights that are the sole patrimony of Social Security, without prejudice to the powers given to Social Security Managing Bodies, Work-Related Accident and Occupational Disease Mutual Societies and the National Institute of Health

  • Organising the means and the design and management of the processes needed to receive payments and the other sources of financing for the Social Security System.

  • Ordering the payment of the obligations of Social Security and the distribution over time and space of the money available to satisfy these obligations on time.

  • Organising and managing the financial circuit that channels the monies available and the movements of money for the System's resources, according to the management needs of Social Security.

  • Authorising the opening of accounts at Financial Institutions to hold Social Security funds.

  • Carrying out credit operations and Cash advances that may at times be necessary.

  • Drawing up the budget.

  • Managing work-related injury insurance.

  • Creating, managing and applying a single financial stabilisation fund for the Social Security System.

  • Liquidating capital costs for setting up Work-Related Accident Mutual Societies and companies declared to be responsible for paying benefits.

  • Carrying out any other duties of a similar type that are assigned to it by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration.

  • Acquiring the buildings needed to carry out its objectives by means of public tender, as well as disposing of those that are not necessary by public auction.

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