2005/8 of 24 August 2005

Expiry of Silcon Certificates

  • Renewal:

    You are reminded  that SILCON certificates are valid for a limited time and  that the security system revokes them  when they reach their expiration date. However, if use is made of the ON-LINE services (Affiliation, Temporary Disability  or On-Line Contributions) during the 100 days prior to the expiration date of the certificate, it will be renewed automatically and transparently.

    To avoid unwanted and unexpected cancellation of SILCON certificates, users are recommended to follow these steps:
    1. You are reminded that although you are advised to keep a security copy of  the EPF files containing your SILCON certificate, you can only use one of these copies to access the online service of the RED System. Therefore, if you use the copy and the original indiscriminately,  only one of the two will be renewed and the other copy will be cancelled when the expiration date  for the certificate has been reached.

      If you use various copies, you can check which of them has been renewed by checking the modification date  of the  EPF file in Windows Explorer. (2005).
    2. If the SILCON certificate was received in 2003  and the certificate is used only to send batch services, the following steps must be taken to avoid possible revocation of the certificate:
      1. Access the RED System On-line services


        Once you have entered your password and opened the services menu, if the certificate is within the 100 days prior to the expiration date, it will be renewed automatically and transparently.
      2. Close the Internet Explorer and  check whether your certificate has been renewed by using  the Windows file explorer to verify  the date  of modification of the EPF file. (2005).
      3. If the date on the EPF file is 2003, your certificate has not yet been renewed. In this case, it is advisable to repeat the previous steps after waiting a few days.
      4. Contact the telephone support unit if you have any questions.
  • Revoked Certificates:

    If your certificate has been cancelled because the expiry date has passed, contact the telephone support unit and they explain the steps you need to take to obtain a valid SILCON certificate.
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