2003/5 of 04 April 2003


New affiliation features

On 9 April, the new affiliation features announced in RED  News Bulletin 2003/02 of 30 January that have not yet been implemented will become operational.

  • New treatment of the inactivity field

    The "Inactivity" field created last November to indicate periods of inactivity for part time contracts is going to be used for another type of situation in which workers do not actively work but must continue to be affiliated.

    Because of this, the name and the format of the field have changed. It will now be called "Type of Inactivity" and it will become a numeric field with the following values:


    The value "1" Period of Inactivity will have the same value and use as "S" has now. It must be used only for part time contracts of type 2xx and 5xx when the periods of inactivity cover at least one complete monthly payment period. During these periods, the workers will remain affiliated to the system but will not be obligated to contribute.

    The value "2" All-Out Strike must be used when the worker is fully and legally on strike.

    Up to now, these situations were indicated by a termination with a situation code of 64 and a subsequent affiliation. Now, to report these situations, a change of contract movement must be made (both online and in batch mode) in which, as well as the information on the contract itself, the value 2 is entered in the Type of activity field.

    The value "3" Partial Strike must be used when the worker is partially and legally on strike.

    Until now, these situations were not reported over the RED System. Now, they must be reported in the same way as all-out strikes, except that since these are strikes where the worker does work for part of the normal working day, the percentage of the day worked must be entered in the newly created field 'Activity Coefficient partial strike'.

    The value "4" Three-Year Bonuses for Civil Servants must be entered for situations in which a civil servant is on special service and their centre is required to contribute for the three-year bonus to which the worker is entitled.

    These situations must be reported through the change of contract option by putting a value of 4 in the field "Type of inactivity".

  • Disappearance of the ATR46 transaction

    Since it will now only be necessary to report inactivity (value 1) when it includes at least one complete payment period, as announced in the previous point, transaction ATR46 - Entering periods of inactivity, which permits user to report days of activity and inactivity during one month through online affiliation, will disappear.

  • Replacing a disabled person on TD

    Additional Provision nine of Law 45/2002 of 12 December on urgent measures to reform the unemployment protection system and improve employability establishes a new bonus for unemployed disabled people who substitute for a disabled worker whose employment contract has been suspended due to Temporary Disability. To show this situation a new reason for substitution has been created. The new value is "05 Replacement of Disabled Person in Situation of TD |TD"

  • Victims of Domestic Violence

    Article 47 of Law 53/2002 of 30 December on Fiscal, Administrative and Social Order Measures, which corresponds to the Employment Promotion Programme for 2003, establishes an allowance of 65% for companies that give permanent or temporary contracts to people who are certified by the competent administration to be victims of domestic violence.

    To be able to show this new situation, the name and the format of the field "Socially Marginalised worker" have been changed.

    The field is now called "Marginalisation/domestic violence" and it changes from being an alphanumeric field with the values S or N to a numeric field with these values:


  • New value for the special employment report

    A new value has been created in the special employment report table:

    0304 - Inmates in Penal Institutions -Minors-.

  • Family relationship indicator

    Article four of Law 45/2002 of 12 December on urgent measures to reform the unemployment protection system and improve employability concerning Contribution level unemployment benefits for casual workers in the Special Agricultural Scheme of the Social Security, states in point 1.2.a). that "the spouse, descendants, ascendants and other family members by consanguinity or affinity up to the second degree inclusive and, where appropriate, by adoption of the owner of the farm, if they live with this person, will not contribute for unemployment and are not entitled to unemployment benefits for the corresponding periods of activity, unless they can show that they are wage earners."

    Therefore, this field must only be filled in for family members who are not wage earners.

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