Economic benefit for multiple births or adoptions

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A single payment benefit in order to partially compensate the increased expenses produced in families by the birth or adoption of two or more children from multiple births or adoptions.


Children who give the entitlement to the benefit

Children born by multiple birth or those forming part of a multiple adoption shall be considered the originators, provided that:

  • The number of children born or adopted is equal to or greater than two. To this end:
    • A child shall be considered as having been born, when he/she meets the provisions set out under Article 30 of the Civil Code: "The status of personis acquired following a live birth, having been fully removed from the mother's womb".
    • If any of the children are affected by a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%, the allowance shall be doubled.  
  • The birth or formalisation of adoption took place in Spain. To this end, a birth or adoption that took place abroad will be considered to have occurred in Spain if it can be proven that the child was immediately integrated into a family residing in Spanish territory. 


The people meet the following requirements:

  • Legally residing in Spain. This condition will be considered to have been met if workers relocated by their company outside Spain are in an assimilated contributor situation and make contributions to the relevant Spanish Social Security scheme.
  • They are not entitled to the same types of benefits in any other social protection scheme.

Determining the beneficiary

  • If the parents or adoptive parents live together, the recipient will be:
    • Either one of them, by mutual agreement. It is assumed that this agreement exists when the benefit is requested by one of the recipients. 
    • If there is no agreement, the mother will be the recipient.
  • If the parents or foster parents do not live together, the recipient will be the person who has guardianship and custody of the children.
  • When the triggering individuals lose their parents or foster parents or are abandoned, the natural person legally responsible for the born or adopted children will be the recipient.


The benefit consists of a single payment of:

|No. of children born No. of times of the monthly MW Amounts in 2017
2 4 2,830.80 euros
3 8 5,661.60 euros
4 and above 12 8,492.40 euros

MW MONTHLY: 707.70 euros

DAILY MW: 23.59 euros


The benefit for multiple births or adoptions is compatible with:


Documents which must accompany the application

In all cases:

  • National Identity Card of the father and mother. If foreigners, residency card or permit, if applicable.
  • Original and valid identification document.
  • Up to date Family Book or non-labour card for children residing in Spain and dependent on the foreigner.
  • Certificate from the Town Council, relating to the normal place of residence of the parents. 

Only if any of the following circumstances applies:

  • In case of legal separation or divorce, if there is a final decree, the decree document must be presented if it assigns custody of the children, and the "regulatory agreement" document, if that assigns guardianship and custody.
  • If in the process of separation or divorce, present the "judicial approval of provisional measures" document in which guardianship and custody are agreed.
  • In cases of de facto separation, documentation certifying this circumstance.
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