Ministry of Employment and Social Security

What is the Ministry of Employment and Social Security?

The Ministry of Employment and Social Security is the department responsible for proposing and implementing government policies on employment and Social Security, as well as implementing government policies on foreign citizens, immigration and emigration.

What are its powers?

  • To carry out the duties that are legally assigned to the department, its head can count on an office for immediate assistance that has the level of Directorate General and the following high-ranking, managerial bodies: the Secretariat of State for Employment, the Secretariat of State for Social Security, the General Secretariat for Immigration and Emigration, and the Sub-Secretariat for Employment and Social Security.
  • The Management Departments, Departments in the Autonomous Communities, Managing Bodies and Common Services of the Social Security also come under the auspices of or depend on the Secretary of State for Social Security or the corresponding General Secretaries.
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