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Organisational Chart of the State Secretariat for Social Security Ministry of Employment and Social SecurityState Secretariat for Social SecurityOffice of the Secretary of StateDirectorate-General of Financial Planning for Social SecuritySocial Security Public Accounts DepartmentLegal Department of the Social Security AdministrationSocial Security IT DepartmentNational Social Security Institute (INSS)Treasury General of the Social Security (TGSS)Social Marine Institute (ISM)

The organisational chart shows the Bodies and Entities that form part of the Social Security system.

The most senior body is the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, to which the Secretariat of State for Social Security is subordinate. There is a Department that is a support and assistance body and works directly alongside the Secretary of State, at the level of General Sub-Directorate.

In turn, subordinate to the Secretariat of State are the General Directorate of Social Security Organisation, the Social Security Public Accounts Department and the Social Security Administration Legal Services Department.

Management of the Spanish Social Security System is assigned, among others, to the following public organisations attached to the Ministry of Employment and Social Security through the State Secretariat for Social Security: the National Social Security Institute (INSS), the Social Marine Institute (ISM), the General Treasury of the Social Security (TGSS) and the Social Security IT Management.

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