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CONTRIBUTE - 2016 Guide

The "CONTRIBUTE - 2016 Guide" contains information on making contributions to the Social Security System and is aimed at all employers and professionals who require accurate and accessible information from any place and at any time. The information contained in the guide is for information purposes only and is under no circumstances  binding to the Social Security General Treasury.

It comes in a  compressed  zip file, which is easy to download, for clear, practical and dynamic browsing of the guide.

Click on the flag in the File download section to open the document. Once open, click on guía.chm, where you will find a version in PDF format for viewing and printing.

Includes a PDF printable version.

DocumentFile DownloadFormatSizeDate
CONTRIBUTE - 2016 Guide Open the document:COTIZA - Guía 2016 in Spanish. The document will open in a new window. ZIP 18107 Kb 20/10/2016
CONTRIBUTE - 2016 Guide PDF Open the document:COTIZA - Guía 2016 PDF   in Spanish. The document will open in a new window. PDF 19166 Kb 20/10/2016


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