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General information

The Social Security System is a set of schemes through which the state guarantees the people included in their scope of application, due to carrying out a professional activity or meeting the requirements for the non-contributory level, as well as their dependent family members or assimilated family members, suitable protection for the contingencies and situations defined by the law.


Regardless of gender, marital status or profession and for the purposes of the benefits in the contributory modality, all Spanish people who reside in Spain, and foreigners who reside or are legally in Spain, are included in the Social Security field of application, as long as, in both cases, they carry out their activity in the national territory and are included in one of the following sections:

  • Workers Employed by another Person
  • Self-employed workers.
  • Working partners in associated work co-operatives.
  • Students.
  • Civil Servants or Military Personnel.



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