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23/03/2018 New Cl@ve login - username/password in the e-Office

The e-Office offers a new way of accessing online services through the Cl@ve Permanente system, which is based on login validation using a username and password. To set this password you must have an Activation Code, which is obtained after registering in the system, electronically using a digital certificate or in person at any Cl@ve registration office. You can also access these services if you already have an active username/password.

14/07/2017 New version of the “Retirement calculator” that takes into account the maximum pension ceiling

The new version of the “Retirement calculator” will take into account the maximum pension amount, whatever the form of retirement, provided the expected retirement date is in the current year. The report generated after calculating retirement has also been redesigned, improving and clarifying information in the calculation.

12/07/2017 New service on the e-Office website: Amend the Economic Activity of Self-Employed Workers

Using this service you can amend the Economic Activity of the self-employed worker, provided this amendment is requested within the regulatory period; it is effective from the first day of the month the application is made.

12/07/2017 New service on the e-Office website: Application to Amend Coverage Details for the coming year for Self-Employed Workers

This service allows you to request amendments to Temporary Disability, Work-Related Injury/Occupational Disease and Cessation of Activity coverage details for the coming year, as well as amendments to the Mutual Society, where appropriate.

08/06/2017 Notification history: new function for the "Consultation and signing of online notifications" service

The "Notification History" feature allows notifications to be consulted once ten calendar days have passed since they were made available on the Social Security e-Office (SEDESS).

02/06/2017 New services for issuing invoices for payment of School Insurance and Submitting Lists of Students online

Authorised RED parties that have School Insurance CCCs assigned will be able to use the online RED System to obtain payment invoices for School Insurance fees paid electronically, as well as submit lists of students enrolled at the Educational Centre online.

01/06/2017 New service on the e-Office website: Presentation of other written documents, applications and communications

This service enables you, either in your own name or on behalf of another person, to present written documents, applications and communications to the National Social Security Institute for which there is no specific presentation service on the Social Security e-Office.

30/05/2017 Obtain certificate of IRPF withholdings and payments

The 2016 income certificate is now available for download, detailing the amount of benefits paid and the IRPF withholdings taken.

26/05/2017 New service on the e-Office website: Communication of death of a benefit recipient

This service enables you to communicate the death of a Social Security benefit recipient.

26/05/2017 New service on the e-Office website: Provisional Replacement Certificate (CPS) Application (for representatives)

This service enables you to request, on behalf of another person and through the electronic register, a Provisional Replacement Certificate (CPS) for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), both for the holder of healthcare entitlements and their beneficiaries.

24/05/2017 New service on the e-Office website and the RED system: Changes to information in the Special System for Domestic Employees

Through this service you can notify changes to information relating to the type of contract, salary, etc. You may also correct certain information that has been incorrectly entered, replacing it with the correct information.

04/05/2017 New feature on TUSS: attach documents to maternity and paternity files that have already begun

Using the “Your Procedures” service on the personal portal “Your Social Security”, as well as finding the list of applications submitted, citizens can see what documentation they need to upload to maternity and paternity files and send it directly through the website.

04/05/2017 New forms of access to the benefit services for representatives in the e-Office

Through Citizens or Companies, people acting as representatives can apply for “Medical Assistance. Application for entitlement recognition” and access the service “What is happening with my benefit?”.

05/04/2017 New publication on services for online management of the Special System for Domestic Employees

Information leaflet available on services for online management of the Special System for Domestic Employees.

14/03/2017 New service: Consult pending settlements and obtain the payment document via the e-Office

This service enables you to view and consult all debts or settlements pending payment with social security, and to obtain a payment document with the account number of the financial institution to which the payment should be made.

05/04/2016 New e-Office design

The new e-Office design is now available. Its layout facilitates browsing, is adapted for mobile devices and provides access to services categorised by topic.

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