Special Schemes

Integration of the Special Agricultural Scheme into the General Scheme:

Employed agricultural workers included in the REA, as well as the employers to whom they provide their services, shall be included, effective as of 01/01/12, in the Social Security General Scheme, through the setting up of a special Scheme for said workers,  with entitlement to Social Security benefits under the same terms and conditions as in the General Scheme.

Integration of the Special Scheme for Domestic Employees into the General Scheme:

Effective as of 01/01/2012, the Special Scheme for Domestic Employees shall be included in the General Social Security Scheme, through the setting up of a special Scheme for said workers, who will be entitled to Social Security benefits under the same terms and conditions as in the General Scheme (art. 251 of the Consolidated Text of the LGSS). 

General requirements demanded

The general requirements to gain entitlement to this benefit, in the special schemes, are as follows:

  • Being affiliated to the corresponding scheme.
  • Being up-to-date with all contribution payments for which the workers are directly responsible, even if the benefit is recognised as a consequence of a reciprocal contribution calculation in a scheme for workers employed by another person.

    To this end, the payment request mechanism provided for in Art.  28.2 of  Decree 2530/1970, of 20 August, which regulates the Special Social Security Regime for Self-Employed Workers, will be applied irrespective of the Social Security scheme that the interested party was a part of when accessing the benefit or in which the interested party has gained entitlement.

    When it is deemed that the interested party is up-to-date with the payment of contributions in order for entitlement to an allowance to be recognised, by virtue of a deferral in the payment of contributions due, but he/she later fails to fulfil the deadlines or conditions of said deferral, he/she will no longer be considered as being up-to-date with payments and, as a result, the allowance to which he/she was entitled will be immediately suspended. Said allowance will only be restored once the debt held with the Social Security Service is credited in full. To this end, the body responsible for managing the allowance may deduct the corresponding contribution due from each instalment payable to the interested party.

Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers

The workers will be entitled to the benefit with the same scope and under the same terms and conditions as workers included in the General Scheme, with the following particular conditions:

Protected Status:

Periods of partial termination of activities of at least 50% in duration. In such cases, the percentage of the reduction in working hours shall be calculated using a 40 hour week as the basis.

Processing and Payment:

The benefit shall be processed and paid by the corresponding managing body or mutual society partnered with Social Security which covers the professional contingencies of the worker.

However, in chases where the worker is not covered for professional contingencies, the managing entity or mutual society covering the temporary disability due to common contingencies shall be responsible for processing the benefit.

In cases where the worker has not opted for temporary disability coverage under the Social Security scheme under which he or she is entitled to the financial benefit, the corresponding body of the Social Security shall be responsible for processing the benefit.

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Special Scheme for Coal Mining

This benefit is recognised under the same terms and conditions as the Social Security's  General Scheme .

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