• That the disability is absolute and permanent , it prevents exercising the habitual profession and is the reason for the employment termination.

  • That it is not due to a cause attributable to the worker or derived from work-related injury or any occupational disease eligible for compensation.

  • Certify 1,800 days of contribution to the Elderly and Disability Insurance(SOVI) prior to 1-1-67. Mere affiliation to the former Workers' Retirement Scheme is not considered valid for this purpose.

  • Not have the right to any other pension charged to the schemes  integrated in the  Social Security  /System or labour sectors pending incorporation in the same, with exception to any Widowhood pensions to which they may have a right.

  • Be 50 years of age or over. Nevertheless, if the disability consists of total loss of movement of the upper or lower limbs, or total loss of sight, or incurable mental derangement, the pension shall be recognised as from the age of 30 years.

Content and amount

  • It consists of an imprescriptible fixed-amount, lifelong pension.
  • If it is not concurrent with other pensions, the amount will comprise the basic pension plus increases. As of 01/01/2017, the amount is 408.10 euros a month.

    Economic benefits awarded under Law 3/2005, of 18 March, to Spanish citizens forced to move abroad, while under age, as a result of the Spanish Civil War, pensions received by first degree disabled veterans from the Spanish Civil War, regardless of the legislation applicable at the time, special pensions awarded as a result of acts of terrorism or the third party assistance benefit will not be considered concurrent pensions. 

  • If it is concurrent with other pensions, the amount will be 395.20 euros per month, effective 01/01/2017.

    However, when the sum of all concurrent pensions (after revaluation) plus the aforementioned SOVI pension, is less than the amount set for 2016 for the pension of said concurrent insurance, all calculated on an annual basis, the SOVI pension will be revalued by an amount equal to the resulting difference. This difference may not be consolidated, and it may be absorbed with any increase to the interested party´s earnings, whether through revaluation or the granting of new periodic benefits.

    If it is concurrent with a widow's/widower's pension, the sum of the widow's/widower's pension or pensions and the SOVI pension cannot be more than double the minimum widow's/widower's pension for beneficiaries aged 65 or over at any time, calculated annually. Should the aforementioned limit be exceeded, the SOVI pension will be reduced accordingly.

  • It is paid in 14 monthly payments.

Economic Conditions

The right is arises when the causal event takes place and is made effective from the first day of the month following that in which the application is received.

Applications and documentation

  • The applicant's National Identity Card.

  • The applicant's Tax Identity Card.

  • If the interested party is married: Family Register Book or marriage certificate.

  • National Identity Card of the spouse and family members under 14 years of age, who live with the applicant and are in his charge.

  • This documentation can be presented at any of the Attention and Information Centres of the Social Security.
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