Subsidy for families

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Children over 25 years old and brothers/sisters over 22 years old, single, widowed, legally separated or divorced who, without meeting the conditions to be pension recipients, meet the requirements:

  • To have lived with the originating contributor at his/her expense 2 years before his/her death or since the death of the family member they lived with, if it occurred during that period.
  • Not to be entitled to a public pension.
  • To have no means of subsistence, as their financial income is equal to or less than the minimum wage, and to have no family members who are obliged to and can support them

    According to articles 142 and 143 of the Civil Code, spouses, parents and descendants are obliged to "support each other"; borthers and sisters are obliged only to provide each other with the "assistance required to live", and are therefore exempt from the obligation to support their siblings.

Amount / Payment

  • The amount of the subsidy is obtained by applying a percentage to the regulating base.
  • Percentage: 20% of the regulating base, calculated in the same way as widow's pensions.

  • It is paid over 12 months, including two extraordinary payments.

Compatibilities / Incompatibilities

  • It is compatible with the widowhood and orphanhood pensions caused by the same event.

  • It is incompatible with the holder collecting any public pension and earning income of any kind that exceeds the amount of the minimum inter-professional salary in effect at any time, calculated annually.

Termination of benefits

  • Due to the maximum duration period ending.

  • For death.

  • For checking that the missing worker did not die in an accident.
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