Death Grant

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  • Whoever incurred the funeral expenses.
  • Unless there is proof to the contrary, it is presumed that these expenses have been paid by the surviving spouse, the surviving partner of a common-law couple, the children and the relatives of the deceased that they habitually lived with, in this order.


  • 46.50 euros.

Originator: Requirements

The deceased must be in one of the following situations at the time of death:

  1.  Registered or in a situation similar to registered.
  2.  A retirement pensioner or recipient of contributory permanent disability benefits.

Even where an exclusion period is not required, when the deceased was responsible for paying contributions, they must be paid up-to-date.

This entitlement is not granted:

  •  When the deceased is not registered at the time of death.
  •  When the worker in question is missing (either in an accident, work-related or otherwise, or for any other reason) and presumed dead.
  •  SOVI pensioners, as the death assistance benefit is not covered under that Scheme.

Documents which must accompany the application

The original documents indicated below must be presented accompanied by a copy for authentication or a certified photocopy, except for documents in point 1 where only the original will be accepted.

1. Proof of the applicant's identity by means of the following valid documentation:

  • Spanish Citizens: National Identity Card (DNI).
  • Foreign citizens, whether resident or non-resident in Spain: Passport or, where appropriate, a valid identity document from their country and NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) required by the AEAT for payments.

2. Death certificate of the deceased.

3. If there is a family relationship between the applicant and the deceased, an updated Family Record Book or Certificates proving this family relationship issued by the Civil Registry or by the registry of common-law couples of the autonomous region or town of residence.

4. Certificate from the town council proving cohabitation with the deceased party of the common-law couple and the various relatives of the spouse and children under legal age.

5. If there is no family relationship between the applicant and the deceased, a document certifying payment of the funeral costs.


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