Death Grant


Death Grant procedure

General Information


Assistance with funeral costs.


Those responsible for paying funeral costs. Unless otherwise proven, these are:

  • The spouse.
  • The surviving partner of a common law marriage 
  • The children of the deceased that resided in the same household.
  • Family members who have resided in the same household.

The deceased person, whose death causes the right to entitlement.


When affiliated or in a situation assimilated to inscription with the Social Security or in receipt of benefits as a result of a temporary disability, risk during pregnancy, risk while breast-feeding, maternity or paternity or in the case of pensioners with a permanent disability or contributory retirement.


46.50 euros.

  • Filing the application: 5 years.
  • Decision on the case: 90 days after the filing date of the application. Currently, the average time frame is 13 days.

Applying for a Death Grant


The documents listed on the application form.

Where it is processed:

At Social Security Support and Information Centres and at  provincial headquarters or offices of theSocial Marine Institute, for seafarers.

Competent Body:

Acknowledgement of the right to the pension is the responsibility of the National Social Security Institute, or the Social Marine Institute, for seafarers. When death is due to a work-related injury, by the Mutual Society Partnering with Social Security.

Other important information:

The entitlement to the death grant expires after 5 years.


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