Termination of benefits

  1. On reaching 21 years of age (unless, at that moment, he were to have reduced capacity for work at a percentage evaluated at a degree of absolute permanent disability or outstanding disability). 

    When there is only one parent, if the orphan does not work or his earnings are below the SMI:.
    • From 02-08 to 31-12  2011, on turning 22.
    • During 2012, on turning 23.
    • During 2013, on turning 24.
    • After 2014, on turning 25 or the first day of the month immediately following the start of the next academic year

      When there is no parent or the orphan has a degree of disability greater than or equal to 33%, if the orphan works and his earnings are under the guaranteed minimum wage (SMI), the pension will expire at 25 years of age.

      If the orphan is studying and turns 25 during the academic year, they will continue to receive the pension until the first day of the month immediately following the beginning of the next academic year.
  2. Due to the end of the disability which granted the right to the pension.

  3. Due to adoption.

  4. Upon marriage, unless affected by absolute permanent disability or severe disability (applicable to marriages entered into as of 23-11-05).

  5. Due to death.

  6. After checking that the missing worker did not die in an accident.

If on the expiry of the pension, for any of the first four causes, the beneficiary has not received the 12 monthly payments of the pension, the amount remaining to complete them will be paid to him in one lump sum.

The same rule will be applied, when the beneficiary has not received any amount of the orphanhood pension before reaching the age limit in order to receive it, for having applied for it on an earlier date to the date on which he reaches that age, as long as he did meet the conditions of a beneficiary on the date of the causal event.

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