Can the 50% increase for severe disability be replaced by entry into a care institution?

The substitution of the increase for housing and care at a Social Security System welfare institution upon request by the severely disabled person or any of their legal representatives can be authorised, whenever considered beneficial, and financed at their own cost (|art. 139.4 of the LGSS ).

This authorisation will be the responsibility of the managing company or mutual insurance company, where appropriate, which would have been responsible for the permanent disability protection. The request for the substitution can be prepared at any time by the severely disabled person or their legal representatives, who will be able to decide with a binding effect for the managing company or mutual insurance company authorising the substitution, that the request is void.

If the hospitalisation refers to welfare institutions and is passed to an Autonomous Community for management, the substitution will not take place. Article 69 of Law 21/2001 revises article 86 LGSS and authorises a separation of the financing of public welfare institutions with this responsibility passed to the Autonomous Communities, with the possibility of substitution therefore being devoid of any content.

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