Procedure for resolving benefit incidents: subsidy incidents, accredited incidents

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Through this new service created by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), your company will receive a file, with the registration design that is included in the appropriate link. This will reflect any modifications that may have occurred in the Institute's short-term benefit (subsidy) databases, identifying the worker concerned, the Contribution Account Code to which it is linked, and the nature of the variation that has occurred.

It must be considered, for the correct interpretation of the information referred, which:

  • Variations produced in the INSS databases will be reported when they alter the existing data in the databases up to that moment.
  • In any event, regardless of the number of variations that may have occurred, consolidated data will be reported at the time of the communication.

In the event of discrepancies between the modifications in the databases communicated through the corresponding file and the existing history in your company, from having received the communication from the INSS and through the email address indicated below, the existence of a potential incident may be brought to the attention of the Institute in order to remedy it without waiting for the beginning of the corresponding instalment settlement period.

Any discrepancy is understood to mean any lack of identity between the data on the company database and that of the INSS that may produce an incident that prevents or alters the recognition and/or payment of a short-term benefit or the liquidation of a worker's Social Security dues, as a result of the lack of homogeneity in the existing information on subsidies between these databases.

The referral of the detected incidents may be made in accordance with the procedure below:

Incidents that occur prior to the start of the deadline for the submission of Social Security payments

The referral of incidents that occur prior to the start of the instalment settlement filing period to the Social Security must be made by email stating: 

  • The main social Reason and the main authorised person.
  • Identification of the worker concerned  No.- NAF 00/0000000000.
  • The nature of the benefit.
  • The Contribution Account Code (CCC) in which the worker is currently registered.

In this regard, it is reported that in each Provincial Directorate of the INSS a specific mailbox has been created, through which incidents relating to Temporary Disability (TD) and Birth and Childcare benefits can be reported. Care of children affected by serious illness and Risk during pregnancy and breastfeeding (in these last two cases when the entity responsible for payment of the benefit is the INSS), concerning employed persons. You can find the list of these addresses in the SUBSIDY MAILBOXES section

Once the incident communicated to the National Social Security Institute has been resolved, the resolution will be reported from these same email addresses.

Incidents that may affect the payment of Social Security instalment settlements through the Direct Settlement System (SLD), once the deadline for payment of the instalments has been initiated (Accredited Incidents)

It is noted first that the only entity responsible for the remediation of incidents is the INSS, regardless of whether the medical leave, if any, has been issued by the Public Health Services or by a Social Security Mutual Society Partner (MCSS), and except in cases where the benefit is paid directly by an MCSS and refers to said payment.

Incident communication can be done via the e-mails listed in the INSS Accredited MAILBOXES section or in person through the INSS’s CAISS.

In the event that the worker concerned is covered by the Social Security Special Scheme of Sea Workers, the communication of the workers shall be made directly to the province where they are resident, using the mailbox that can be found in the ISM Accredited MAILBOXES section.

In general, the Provincial Directorate of the INSS, to which the documentation must be sent in order to remedy the incident, will be the one in which the worker is believed to reside. However, companies wishing to do so may centralise the communication of their incidents, regardless of the residence of the worker or CCC where the worker is registered, in a single Provincial Directorate of the INSS, after communication to the same.

Accredited incident remediation times are reduced to a maximum of 48 hours. Once the incident has been resolved, the INSS will inform the company by email of such an occurrence.

Regardless of the procedure used – e-mail referral or face-to-face accreditation – INSS Provincial Directorates will give preferential solution to the incidents presented within a maximum of 48 hours, adjusting that time limit when necessary so that the settlement of quotas can be presented, if any, before the deadline to be able to pay the instalments.

Where appropriate, the company may provide, or attach to, the appropriate email, in PDF format, the documentation it deems appropriate.

Once the nature of the incident has been verified, the situation of the worker will be regulated and they resolution will be communicated to them by email.

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