• Grandchildren and siblings, orphans of father and mother, male or female, if on the date of death they are:

    • Under 18 years of age or of legal age but have a reduced capacity for work evaluated at a level of permanent, total disablement or severe disability.

    • Under 22 years of age, when they are not gainfully employed or when the income obtained from employment on an annualised basis, does not exceed the limit of 75% of the minimum guaranteed wage which is fixed at any time, also on an annualised basis.

  • Mother and grandmothers, widowed, single or married, whose husband is over 60 years of age and is unfit for work, legally separated or divorced.

  • Father and grandfathers who have reached 60 years of age or are unfit for any work.

  • Children and siblings of pensioners with a retirement pension or pension for permanent disability, both in the contributive mode, or those workers who, when they die, meet the requirements for the recognition of their entitlement to a retirement pension or pension for permanent disability (whose permanent disability file is pending resolution), men or women over 45 years of age, who are single, widowed, legally separated or divorced, as long as they can verify their long term care of the originating contributor.

All recipients must also meet the following requirements:

  • To have lived with the originating contributor at his/her expense for 2 years prior to the death of that person or since the death of the family member with whom they lived, if it occurred during this period.

  • Not to be entitled to a public pension.

  • To lack the means of subsistence, due to having an income equal to or below the minimum guaranteed wage while having the obligation to provide family members with food.

Spouses, parents and descendants are obliged to provide food, according to articles 142 and 143 of the Civil Code. Siblings are only obliged to provide "the necessary support for life" and are therefore excluded from the obligation to provide food.

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