Compatibilities / Incompatibilities

  • The widowhood pension is compatible with any income from the beneficiary's work and with any retirement or permanent disability  pension that they may be entitled to.
  • If the originator does not have active contributor or assimilated contributor status on the date of death, the widowhood pension will be incompatible with the granting of a different widowhood pension from any of the Social Security schemes, unless the certified contributions in each of the schemes overlap for a period of at least 15 years.
  • Social Security widowhood pensions are compatible with SOVI pensions. If both the widowhood pension and the SOVI pension are being received simultaneously, the total amount may not be greater than twice the amount of the minimum widowhood pension, which has been set at any given time, for beneficiaries aged 65 or over. If it does exceed this limit, the amount of the SOVI pension will be  reduced by the amount required in order to not exceed the specified limit.
  • If the widowhood pension is still being received, even if the pensioner has remarried or formed a common law marriage, due to meeting the necessary requirements, the new widowhood pension that may be activated as a result of the death of the new spouse or common law marriage, shall be incompatible with the widowhood pension(s) that were previously being received and just one of these must be chosen.
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