Amount / Payment


The amount of the severe permanent disability pension shall be made up by the corresponding pension amount for (total or absolute) permanent disability, increased by a supplement to remunerate  the person caring for the beneficiary.

  • Amount of the supplement:

    The amount will be the result of adding together 45% of the minimum contribution base in force in the General Scheme at the time of the causal event, irrespective of the scheme that grants the pension,  and 30% of the worker's last contribution base corresponding to the contingency from which the permanent disability arises. Under no circumstances may this supplement have a value of less than 45% of the pension - not including the supplement - received by the worker.

  • In cases of work-related injury or occupational disease:

    The pensions are increased by between 30% and 50% based on the severity of the ailment, when the injury is caused by machinery, devices or at facilities, centres or work locations that do not have the regulatory prevention devices, that are unusable or in poor condition, or when employment health and safety measures have not been followed, or basic health standards or personnel training for each job, taking into account the characteristics, age, gender and other conditions of the worker.

    For the purposes of calculating the additional benefits, the severe disability supplement  remunerating the person caring for the severely disabled party is excluded. This charge will be fully payable by the offending employer.

    The payment of economic benefits is not applicable for domestic employees in cases of WRI and  OD due to the lack of measures for occupational risk prevention. 

  • In cases in which a worker aged 65 or over accesses the severe disability pension arising from common contingencies, due to failing to meet the requirements for accessing the retirement pension:

    The applicable percentage corresponds to the minimum contributory period established at any given moment to be eligible for the retirement pension.

    The percentage that will be applied to the corresponding base rate of the pension, but not to supplement, is currently 50%.

Eligibility for the maternity supplement:

Women who have had two or more biological or adopted children will be eligible for a maternity supplement consisting of a percentage, applicable to the value of the pension that they earn from 1 January 2016 onwards, calculated as described in the previous sections. This percentage will be 5% if the woman has two children, 10% if she has three and 15% if she has four or more.

The children are taken into account to determine the right to the supplement and the amount, regardless of whether they were born in Spain or abroad.

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